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A Life of a Gundam Fan

Sup fellow strangers, I’m here to tell you about a life as a gundam fan living in UNS. As a fan I never feel any discrimination of what I like, people usually notice me drawing gundam back at the first semester, watching gundam in class and so on, my friends mostly understood as they do watch anime too sometimes, but the hardest part is looking for someone that understood gundam as good as I am.

One of my friends understood the gundam series well actually, but he only focuses on the Gundam Seed series as the show was shown when we were kids back in like when? 2006? sort of. He only knows that series so I can’t talk much about it since the show only has 2 seasons and 1 OVA. The universe itself is different from the gundam original timeline called the Universal Century (UC), so its quite hard to explain to him as the original series was started back in the 90’s even I have a hard time understanding the original universe. I only started knowing it when playing a game called Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and it shows the story of the original timeline.

The life here as gundam fan is getting harder as sunrise the company making the gundam series are making new series each year yet they focus on the UC timeline so as a new fan like me is hard to catch up the story, even I have to watch the Gundam Seed series again just to understand the timeline and the political problem in that series. Other than that it’s getting harder to watch gundam now because of the annoying assignment and report. That’s all I can share in my new blog, see you annoying netizens!!