Simple Home Designs That You Can Build Yourself

Simple Home Designs That You Can Build Yourself. You already have land and have long intended to build a house on it. But that intention has not been done yet? We understand that everyone has dreams about different dream dwellings. But the main obstacle is often how to visualize the dream specifically.


Simple Home Designs
Simple Home Designs

To that end, we have compiled  Home Design Ideas of home designs from different styles and materials. To be a source of inspiration for those who want to build their own homes. In addition to the already popular home design, Simple home designs you can also find a variety of home design according to the available budget. Here’s the full review.

The Eternal Home

Green Arts expert’s goal to design this house is to maintain the value of building. Assets and residents comfort in the long term. Therefore the expert provides a range of lifetime warranty services so that homeowners can be free of any worries.

When retirement, anyone wants to live in peace with the family. The lifetime guarantee system our experts provide is the solution.  In addition, our experts use a variety of materials and can be tailored to the request to create the desired home look. This house is ablend of traditional structures and modern elements. as well as several different materials.

Two storey Japanese style house

This wood based house is a combination of some modern elements andstunning Japanese style. The spacious interior inside is ideal as a large family residence. In addition to the appearance of a spectacular home facade, this house is also fascinating because the pages are quite spacious.

Simple prefabricated house

In some countries, prefabricated houses prefab houses. are an alternative for those who want to own a home but are plagued with budgetary problems. All elements of the prefab house have been made at the factory, then taken to the location to be assembled into one. In this way homeowners can save labor costs.  Some manufacturers can make prefab homes to order and customize them with home owners’ budget.

Portable wooden cottage

This wooden cottage is also a prefabricated house. Wood material used is environmentally friendly so you will not smell the smell of chemicals while in it. Considering that wooden huts are established in the tropics and are often rocked by earthquakes, experts have strengthened the foundations and coated the wood to resist moisture.  This wooden cottage is also suitable established in the plantation or beachside as a resting place to enjoy the holiday.

The two story pink house

A person of strong character will want to give the best for his family. This house is suitable for large families or two families who want to live together. With a pink gradation and natural stone facade, as well as a brick red roof, this house could be the best choice for your family.

How do you  Simple Home Designs?

The facade of natural stone and brick

The blend of natural stone and bricks produces a different texture that beautify the facade of the house. The design is not too complicated but still has a high visual value. Complete with a perfect wooden deck terrace for relaxing time outdoors.

Two-storey house of concrete material

Simple home designs This two story house is made of concrete. Luxury Master Bedroom Design Ideas  suitable for families with two or more children. In order for children interested in spending time outside the home. Experts have made a small basketball court in the yard as a means of sports.