5 Old-School Movies With The Best Plot-Twists

Who wouldn’t be surprised if there is a plot-twist in the ending of the movie that we never even expected.

Plot-twist is a unique element in a film because its function is to deceive the audience until what actually happens is dismantled in the ending of the film.

We usually show a variety of reactions ranging from shock, annoyance to a grumpy expression while saying ‘what the hell!’ . Here are 5 movies with the best plot twists that you have to watch to make you more angry.

1. The Usual Suspect (1995)

The Usual Suspect is one of those films that presents an extraordinary original story. The film won two Academy Awards and was recognized as a masterpiece in the crime genre.

It tells the story of 5 reliable robbers who are suspected by the police of hijacking a truck containing weapons.

The five were eventually arrested and herded to the police but due to the absence of evidence, they were released. Feeling humiliated they finally demanded revenge.

Throughout the film we will be intrigued by the figure of Keyser Soze, who is portrayed as the most dangerous and terrifying villain. However, the plot-twist explains all of these things that must have stunned everyone. You must watch this! This is insane!! Damn you Kevin Spacey!!

2. Psycho (1960)

Many sites reference Psycho (1960) as the coolest plot-twist film ever. Have you ever watched this? If not then you should try watching this cool movie.

Psycho is a horror film made by Alfred Hitchcock released in 1960. This film tells the story of a woman named Marion Crane’s who is ruthlessly murdered and tells the mystery of the story.

The investigation into the Marion Crane murder eventually becomes more complicated and complicated as the plot progresses.

This film is even claimed to be one of the most successful horror films. Curious about a horror film wrapped in a thriller under the guise of Psycho with a really cool plot-twist? You must watch this one.

3. Planet of the Apes (1968)

Recently, the world of cinema has been enlivened by the follow-up film of Planet of the Apes, namely War for the Planet of the Apes.

But you know what? The best Planet of the Apes film was a 1968 film produced by Franklin J. Schaffner.

Because this film contains plot-twists that surprised many people at that time. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I recommend not trying to search for info about this movie on google. Just watched and shocked himself.

4. Les Diaboliques (1955)

Another cool movie from the 60s era. The film, titled Les Diaboliques, is of French origin and is directed by Henri-George Clouzot.

This film focuses on the thriller and horror genres where it tells the story of a wife and her mistress who carry out a plan to kill her husband.

After being killed, the corpse suddenly disappeared and then various strange events began to happen one by one (seriously I got goosebumps) until finally her husband’s body was found back in the bathtub.

The wife was shocked to death and frightened. How did that happen? All will be explained in the ending of this film.

Don’t miss this film because this film presents a horror classic-classic aura that is so tense. Another fact is that this film even became one of Alfred Hitchcook’s inspirations in making the film Psycho (1960).

5. Citizen Kane (1941)

We go back a few more years, in 1941 there was a film Citizen Kane by Orson Welles. The American Film Institure even announced that it is the best film of all time.

The mystery in this movie lies in the word ‘Rosebud’ spoken by Kane, shortly before she died.

The mysterious word then spreads a lot of speculation and mystery until finally we are led to know what the plot-twist behind all this is. One of the best movies ever made alongside The Godfather but with the coolest plot-twist remembered of all time. You should try watching this.

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