Research Method References

In terms of writing academic papers, I realised that I spent a considerable amount of time searching (and re-searching) literature. I use Endnote for my reference management, however, sometimes it turns out that I amended similar references repeatedly in my Endnote library.

This post is intended to keep my records in Research Method references that I might update from time to time. A while back during my PhD, a post on Case study reference inspired me to create such a record for my own interest. That may answer the criticism why some of the references are quite outdated because my Endnote library has been built up since my PhD.

This note is humble and evolving, but, hopefully, will be beneficial for colleague researchers and students to start their journey on finding the suitable reference for their research and writing.

A. Qualitative Research Method

  1. Avison (2002)

A.1 Data Collection

A.1.1 Interview Data Collection:

  1. DiCicco-Bloom and Crabtree (2006)
  2. McLellan et al. (2003)
  3. Myers and Newman (2007)
  4. Schamber (2000)

A.2. Data Analysis
A.2.1 Thematic Analysis

  1. Aronson (1994)
  2. Braun et al. (2019)
  3. Maguire and Delahunt (2017)

A.2.2. Content Analysis

  1. Bryman (2008)
  2. Elo and Kyngas (2008)
  3. Franzosi (2009)
  4. Graneheim and Lundman (2004)

Quantitative Research Method

Reference List.

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