January 20th, 2018

Finally, the day had come!!

I woke up at 3.30 am, the water in the bathroom was cold but my spirit warmed it up.

At 5.00 am, me and my family were picked up by my friend. Then we went to to Adi Sumarmo Airport. We arrived at Adi Sumarmo Airport at 5.20 am.

It was 5.30 when I saw my friends and their parents. There are four person who went to Philippines, I’m, Dindha, Vina, and Inggrid.

Before we checked in, we waited for Dindha, one of participant SEA-Teacher batch 5.

While waiting her, i took photos with my parents.

Then we said goodbye before we checked in to family. My mom and my dad said to me  to  care of myself. My friend also said that.

It was 6.30 when we were already on the plane! And we’re ready for the journey and new experiences!

Headed to Jakarta, I felt nothing except an amusment of how this bloody thing called airplane could stay up for hours. Thank you, God, for the opportunity to live that time. I am so grateful.

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We waited for 3 hours before, and at 11.15  we’re already on the plane. This is not my first flight go to abroad, but i’m ready to flight.


At 16.45 pm we arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

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I passed the immigration gate! I was officially in Philippines! Then we put our bagages.

All of us went to outside, and we looked coordinators of UNP picked me and dindha  up. Then we will go to a house which is had of UNP, because we must waited our friends from Unisyah before we go to Vigan City. But before we went to the house, we went to KFC for ate. Happily, Mr Jimmy Soria, our coordinator, he treat us.

After that, we went to house and took a rest.

I’m so happy, finally, i can sleep on bed.

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