Week 1

Day 1

January 21st, 2018

2 delegates from UNISYAH are already in the house when we  took a rest. In the morning we saw them, and we had a breakfast together.

We are getting ready to go to Vigan City which is the location of University of Northen Philippines. To go to Vigan City needed 8 hours or more. We went there by bus of UNP.

We went to UNP at 9.30 am and we arrived at 8.00 pm.

The trip is very tiring but we enjoyed it, because, it’s a part of my story that probably will not happen again.

When we arrived at Vigan City, we also went to dormitory which is we were staying. The location of dormitory is in the University of Northen Philippines.

When we arrived in the dormitory, there were a lot of people, apparently, they were our mentors, Mam Digna, Mam Rin, Father Randy, Mam Norlin, and the others.

They greeted us very well. They had prepared a lot of foods for us, because they knew, we were hungry. They served a fried rice, chickens, dry fishs and eggs. Maybe it was not same as Indonesian food, but is was delicious, you know why?…. Because i was hungry. Hahahaha, it’s joke .

After we ate, we chose our room.

They will leave us because they knew, we needed a rest.

So, i went to bath room to wash my face and toothbrush. After that, i went to sleep.

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