Week 1

Day 3

January 23th, 2018

Today, is education day in Vigan City. People in the City celebrated the day with a festival and parade.

That morning we went to the Plaza Burgos to see the parade. Mam Rin picked us up, and accompanied us.

All of schools in the Vicagn City, participated in this parade. From Elementary School, Junior High School, and then the Senior High School joined this parade.

Because today was parade day, all of schools were closed.

After we saw the parade, we took some pictures in front of Capital Province office.

We aslo took pictures with members of marching band and member of scout.

It was so nice, i saw many kids and their costume. It was cute, right?


Vigan City had a lot festivals and parades during November until April.

Oh no, i forgot that was Longganisa Festival. Every year they commemorated this. But this was not end. At the night, there had dancing contest, and some of our mentors join to this dancing contest.

I took some videos of dancing contest, but i can’t upload in this blog. Sorry …


At all, Today is wonderful day.

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