Week 1

Day 4

January 24th, 2018


Today, we were given time  to take a rest.

A lot of our mentors were busy, because they prepared for a parade which be held tommorow morning at Vigan Hall.

Because there was no activity in UNP, it’s mean free time for us, we decided to go to market again, to bought something that we were needed.

We went to JTC and ERGO, that are grocery store. I bought ovaltine and chococrunch at JTC. But, i didn’t buy anything at ERGO.

I was waiting for my friend whom bought drinks.

In front of ERGO, i saw the small place that sold food, and it sold siomay. I was interested to try this one (siomay). So, i decided to buy chicken siomay, 30 PHP for 4 small chicken siomay and i will eat it at home.

After that we went to dorm.

Finally, i arrived at dorm and i can eat my chicken siomay.

I ate one with chili sauce.. you know that? It was so delicious, Yummy i like chicken siomay

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