Week 1

Day 5

January 25th, 2018

Today, we will join a parade, because yesterday Mam Rin told us that. She called us, and asked us to go to Xentro Mall, but she didn’t know, we forgot for that. But i had took a bath, so i could prepared my self faster than the others.

After that we arrived to the Xentro Mall at 8.40, and we met Mam Rin  and Mam Digna.

So, we waited for UNP group, and we can join them. We waited for 15  minutes and UNP group came. Mam Rin asked us to participate this parade, and we joined them.

This parade was called “Barangay Festival”.

And i got videos for Barangay Festival, altough it was short video.


We walked for a long road, because we rounded this city. It was started at City Hall and will be end at City Hall.

Altough it was far, but i enjoyed. See my picture. Hehehe ….

This was our photos of Barangay festival.


After that we went to Xentro Mall for lunch, and Mam Rin treated us.

We also took some pictures at Xentro Mall.


After that we went to Two Brothers, it was store. Two Brothers provided clothes, some of electronics, shoes, watchs, and more things.

At Two Brothers i bought a watch, because i tought it was cute. The price was 126 PHP, no matter to spent more money to bought that, because it could be bracelet also.

And then we went to dorm.


At night, we saw Teachers UNP performance on dancing contest.

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