Week 1

Day 6

January 26th, 2018

Today we are going to the UNP Labroratory School Teacher’s Office, during our observations in the class which we will teach.

My mentor is Mam Digna. She got married and had a baby, but she still look younger, and also cheerful. Hihihi…

I’m really like o see her smile, because her smile made me got spirit, and also made me remember my Mom. I really miss my Mom, but in here, there were a lot Mam, and they treated me like their daughter.

Mam Digna had class at 7.30-9.30, and i followed her to her class.

At first, she gave me time to intoduced my self, and i started from my name, university that i from and else. Because i got nervous, i can’t speak English well, so Mam Digna help me in my intoduces.

After i intoduced my self, Mam Digna gave them quiz about permutation and combination.

Then, i helped her to answered the quiz on paper. If them finished that, i will write the answered into the chalk board.

They finished that, so Mam Digna asked them to give their paper to the fiends, they bartered their own paper. Mam Digna and Me collaborated to answered and explained about the quiz. After that, they corrected the friend’s paper, and give them scored. When it have done, they collected to Mam Digna.

After they passed that, Mam Digna asked them intoduced theirselves to me with the their motto and also using English language.

One by one, introduced theirselves. Their had many characters and i liked this class.

Then Mam Digna closed her class, and we will go back to office. But the sudents asked me to take picture with them. Did you know? They took a lot, lot, lot of pictures. Hahaha…

So, Mam Digna told them to take pictures on next time, because they had chance more to do that.

It was my first Observation, and i enjoyed it.

Fyi, i took some photos when they do their Quiz

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