Sumary and Suggestions

Summary and Suggestions

  • Purpose of practicum

The SEA Teacher Project or the Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia is a project that aims to provide opportunity for pre-service student teachers from universities in Southeast Asia to have teaching experiences (practicum) in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia.

The purposes of the project are to enable pre-service student teachers to:

  • Develop their teaching skills and pedagogy
  • Encourage the pre-service student teacher to practice their English skills
  • Experience new learning society inside the school
  • Implement our knowledge in different learning society and also different cultures
  • Create a deep meaning of becoming teacher outside our own country.
  • Develop teachers competence during the teaching class practicum.
  • Allow the pre-service student teachers to gain a broader regional and world wide view about education
  • Procedures of Practicum

The practicum period is for one month. The students roles and responsibilities are assigned weekly during the one month period consist of observation, teaching assistant, teaching practice, evaluation and reflection. The host universities will provide cooperating teachers to supervise and monitor the student teacher throughout the practicum period.

  • Orientation and Class Observation

In this step, I observed their methods, materials, time management, sources of learning, etc in class during learning process.

Some teachers used to ask them the homework before and gave punishment and some of them continued their learning process in the opening class. For the main activity, teachers used expocitory and direct learning a lot. Some used worksheet and discussed it together. I barely saw students come in front of the class and did some problems. Each teacher has their own characteristic.

  • Create lesson plan and Teaching Assistant

Lesson plan made based on the curriculum and students characteristic. Not only made the lesson plan but also consulted it with the cooperating teachers. So that, we could choose the best materials, methods, and problem solving. Teaching assistand done by following the teacher and helped her to control the class.

  • Teaching in the Classroom

Teaching in the classroom done based on the lesson plan that have been made. Most of the students still didnot understand what I explained because we have different pronounce. The cooperating teachers also helped me to translate what I explained to the students so they understood what I meant.


  • Outcomes of practicum
    • For the students in Philippines

They get experience taught by foreigner teacher.


  • For the teacher in Senior High School Affairs of UNP

They can exchange information about learning process, materials, topics, methods, etc with student teacher from different country.

  • For student teacher

The outcomes of this practicum program that I get and learned are :

  • Can integrate the knowledge, attitudes, and skills profesionally in a educational instution both in their country and abroad.
  • Get to know, learn and share about the traditional and exchange culture in other country.
  • be able to increase english skill in daily life and improve my english conversation especially the terms used in mathematics and its pronunciation.
  • Know the real purpose of “teaching with heart and learning by love”
  • I can get information about curriculum in another country (Philippines), their lesson plan, materials, topics, assessment, learning sources, etc.
  • I can get new experiences for living in another country.
  • I can become stronger for surviving living by my own with totally different society.
  • I can apply what I have got from university to school in real learning process.
  • I can take what is good during the learning process in school so that I can imlement it when I become real tecaher.
    • The challenges of practicum
  • Language

According to my experiences, the challenge I feel is when I have to teach in another country, with full of  different typical students from my country. In addition, the differences  significant language in teaching make me have to think more creatively about how to explained the subject or the topic of lesson to be easily and clearly so the student can understood about it. And also about the different curriculum applied so that the impact on the topic that must be taught and the competence to be achieved. In Philippines they taught students the topic that I learned in college, si I had to study again to be able to explain well to the students.

  • Culture

The challanges number 2 is about culture. The different culture made us felt so different, especially about food. Thai people like to eat pork, and use vinegar, so it was normal to always find pork and vinegar in every corner of the street. Secondly, it was not easy to find Protestan’s church, because most of Filipino are Roman Catholic. So I think that it is some kind of challange for me to be stronger.

  • Overall impression

I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me become one of delegates of Sea Teacher project batch 5, because through the program I can get an amazing new experience that I may share and apply to my country especially in the field of the education accord to my major.

Senior High School Affairs of University of Northern Philippines  gave me a whole new experience that I have never done before. Through this project I am aware that I can be a good teacher by practicing and communication is such an important subtance that the teacher should do. But it is not the only one beacuse teacher should make the students understand not just by communication but there are many methods. In this project, I learned how to be a good teacher that the students need.


  • Suggestions for future improvement
    • For University of Northern Philippines

To University of Northern Philippines (UNP), my suggestions for the future of the series of activities should be explained from the beginning, such as the appearance of art, so that the student teachers can prepare from scratch. To Senior High School of University of Northern Philippines (UNP), my suggestions to school for future improvement is the completeness of existing facilities in the classroom and make the good recontruction of the building.

  • For student teacher

Because language is one of the challange that impede the learning process, student teacher need a module of their major in 3 different languages so that student teacher can use it in class.

  • For Seameo

The criteria of the assessment needs to be clearer so that the student teachers arenot confused about the assessment.

The meeting for all the participants needs to be fixed because my friends and I could join the meeting ( I am not really sure what the problem is).

I hope for the next batch, not only three countries (Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand) which joined this program, but all countries in ASEAN should sent the delegate to other country too. And also my suggestion for the SEA-Teacher Project is to notify the financing explanation during the activities to the participating universities. whether the cost is borne by the university or by the student teacher.