Practice Teaching

Teaching Practice

  • Procedures of teaching

I was assigned by my cooperating teacher to teach in 11 STEM A, 11 ABM A, 11 ABM B and 11 COOKERY. I teach 2 topics, there were STATISTIC AND PROBABILITY, and NORMAL DISTRIBUTION. My cooperating teacher give me 224hours for the teaching practicum during 2 weeks. But, in my final demonstration, i was assigned by my cooperating teacher to teach in 11STEM A with the topic was Normal Distribution from 7.30 am-9.30 am. Before entering the class, I prepared some of materials such as lesson plan, student activity, worksheet, Power point  and some of markers. My mentor also help me to provide all of the thing included print my lesson plan, student activity and worksheet.

I used discovery learning model and scientific approach for this lesson and used teaching system was the student-centered learning which is students will be able to explore and to build their own knowledge beside the teacher acts as a facilitator to improve students knowledge.

Teaching in 11 ABM A class

  • Time management and organizing activites

According to discovery learning model and scientific approach, I was divided time allocation for the learning in the class by 3 part. First was an opening activity, second was the main activity, and the last was the closing activity.

In the opening activity, students greeted me and I checked attendance of the students. Then I told them about topic of the day and learning objective of studying normal distribution. Before start to knowing our topic, I gave them motivation, but , I divided students into 5 groups consits of 7 until 8 people  and they will do students activity that I gave before based on my instruction. I used Jigsaw Puzzle where the students with their group were given envelop consist pieces of puzzle. Then they need to arranged, and first group will presentate about the puzzle. The puzzle will make a picture consist about the topic.

In the main activity, i showed the video about properties of normal distribution. Then, after the watch, one of them will explain to me, what they got from that video. After thata i started to explain the other properties. After explain about the properties, i explain, how to read the z-table. I asked them some question about z table.

Finished to explain about topic, i started to play game. The game is students with their group will answer quick question from me, but the need to choose one animal. When they wanted to answer, they needed to imitate the sound of animal whose they chose.

In the closing activity, I give the worksheet and some assignment. Then I closed the lesson.

  • Problem Solving

While i was explain, if there were some of problem they can discussed it to me. Sometimes the students’ can’t understand when I speak in English because we have a different pronunciation . But, that’s no problem for me. I can speak with body language with my students. Sometimes the teachers help me to explain the somethings that i wanted to say, it is really helped me. When learning process, sometimes the students are noisy in the classroom and it is a problem that often occurs in the classroom, so as a teacher

  • Classroom management

According to the situation and condition in the classes,  I used  an instructional approach to manage the classroom while i was teaching. I tried to create an effective classroom atmosphere through quality and well-executed lesson plan and i also gave them some jokes therefore the classes were not boring during the learning process.