Senior High School Affairs of UNP

Laboratory School of University of Northern Philippines

  There are three levels of schools which are pre-school, grade school, and high school program. In UNP Senior High School Affairs, there are some programs: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management), GAS (General Academic Strand), and HUMSS (Humanities and Social Science), Arts and Design, Sports, TVL (Technical-Vocational-Livelihood). The building… Continue reading Laboratory School of University of Northern Philippines

Observation on teacher

Measurement and evaluation

Teacher divide the students into 5 group and distributed the group activity worksheets to measurement and evaluation, student must do the group acitivity worksheets in the group based on the topic of lesson that day. After student finished the group activity worksheets, they write the answer on the heart shape that had prepared by the… Continue reading Measurement and evaluation

Observation on teacher

Preparing lesson and materials

Teacher has been prepared tools for teaching such as book and board marker, and if the teacher wants to used media, teacher must be prepared projector, laptop, power point presentation, and media for presentation or for student’s activity. Every time before the teaching began, teacher has already prepared well all of the lesson and materials,… Continue reading Preparing lesson and materials

Observation on teacher

Planning for teaching

The teacher required to make a teaching plan (lesson plan)  especially the detailed one before the teaching activity began that day. Also teacher have to prepare well all of materials needed for teaching, such as a power point for teaching or mathematics media. And Teachers shoul dpay attention to supporting facilities and infrastructure learning activity.… Continue reading Planning for teaching

About UNP

Laboratory Schools – University of Northern Philippines

Mission Provide a quality education through the use of modern equipment, facilities, and technologies, enhancing competence of faculty envolving in basic and functional researches, opening linkages with other schools and agencies by sharing one’s experties in the line with his field of specialization. Description A Laboratory Polytechnic High School; Laboratory Grades School, two (2) years… Continue reading Laboratory Schools – University of Northern Philippines

About UNP

Office of the Principal of the Laboratory Schools

  Goals of the Laboratory Schools As a highly competitive institution producing graduates equipped with the 21ST  century knowledge, skills and attitudes  who are capable for elementary, secondary and tertiary quality education for academic empowerment, successful career and  gainful employment  in a rapidly changing and increasing globalized environment; and As a training venue for Bachelor… Continue reading Office of the Principal of the Laboratory Schools