America’s Most Haunted Hotels

Do you have a penchant for historical hotels? Do you believe in ghosts? If the answer to both questions is ‘yes’, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a selection of some of the best known hotels with a reputation for having ties with the paranormal.


Hotel Chelsea, New York City


Most people who thing of Hotel Chelsea will typically think of a popular inspirational haven for artists and writers. Timeless people ranging from Mark Twain to Andy Warhol favoured this hotel, but it was during modern times that it became the backstage for a real-world mystery murder thriller. It was here that Sid Vicious’ lady lover Nancy Spungen was killed… and from that time on, many people claim she has become the resident ghost. After a long refurbishment, the hotel is due to reopen in 2018.


The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California


This is a well-known ocean liner that has long been anchored in place at Long Beach, where it now serves as a stationary hotel. Many people come here to have a unique hotel experience, but there are many visitors who are attracted by its tales of lost souls and murder mystery. As rumour goes, the ship is haunted by one of its previous sailors whose bride suffered a horrible accident involving a group of school children. There are even official ghost tours available at the Queen Mary, as well as a paranormal agent who will be more than happy to give you the goose bumps.


Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, Massachusetts


If you are drawn to ancient horror stories that might have escalated into paranormal affairs, look no further than Hawthorne hotel in New England. It was here the Salem Witch Trials took place, and ever since the area became a well-known hotspot for apparitions and otherworldly energies. There are many reports of mysterious events taking place in and around this hotel, and you will even find several documentaries discussing its eerie heritage.


Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles


For anyone looking to mingle with upper class ghosts, this hotel could be the best option. A well-known luxury resort built along the Hollywood Walk of Game, Roosevelt’s has accommodated just about every famous person in American society in the past 90 years. As the legend goes, not all of those guests made it out alive though, and some of those celebrities crossed over to the other side where they now roam freely around these iconic halls…


The Driskill Hotel, Austin


This one of the oldest haunted hotels in this list; it was originally haunted by a well-known civil war coronel who died there under mysterious circumstances. There are actually several “paranormal hotspot” rooms in this hotel that are avoided by many guests and sought only by those seeking otherworldly experiences. Some of these folks were allegedly driven to death by their curiosity… most notably two brides that committed suicide in the same room, exactly two decades apart.


Hotel del Coronado, San Diego


Here’s another famous hotel with a ghostly legend backing it up and consistently attracting curious visitors. Hotel del Coronado was the setting for unrequited love that progressed into a chilling suicide. As the story goes, a young guest stayed there for weeks desperately waiting for a lover who never came. Succumbing to despair, the hopeless guest eventually decided to commit suicide right there. According to many visitors, its presence is now eternally bound to the building, which it haunts while waiting for impossible love.


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