5 Ways To Modernize A Traditional Office

We all know the stereotype of a traditional office with its confined cubicles and grey walls from movies and TV shows, but these fictional depictions hold some truth to the reality of office spaces. The cubicle layout and separation between coworkers was popular just a few decades ago and its remnants have left certain businesses to deal with the repercussions of an environment that doesn’t foster unity or enjoyment. While many start-up companies have recognized the necessity for a change in tradition, some older companies might find the transition hard to commit to. Here are a few ways anyone can help make their office a bit more contemporary in its practices and appearance.

Open Floor Plans

These types of layouts aren’t necessarily recent, but still considered contemporary in comparison to the alternative. Open floor plans, unlike cubicles, foster a sense of community and communication that’s necessary for any business to function smoothly. The ability to flow through the office seamlessly encourages employees to correspond freely and with less inhibition than if there were a series of walls to bypass or corners to traverse. Connection is key when it comes to building strong workplace relationships and recognizing that the company – whether big or small – is a team that needs to work in unison.

Furthermore, studies have shown that employees are more creative and inspired when their desks face a scenic window. While this might not be possible for every office, depending on location, it is still worth noting. Rather than focusing desks in toward the office space, shifting them to face a window is a simple way of transforming the space into a motivating and energizing environment.

Keeping Things Online

Many businesses have made the switch to cloud-based storage services, however, there are a few that still work with physical files and documents. Not only is this an unsustainable work environment, it also costs the business extra in supplies that can otherwise be eradicated by storing their documents securely online. Virtual data rooms are a great alternative to that stack of paperwork on your desk and should be utilized to elevate the experience and performance of a business in today’s digital marketplace. Any confidential client or corporate information can be uploaded onto the platform easily and the administrator of the data room has complete control over who sees what data and for how long. Rather than fumbling with photocopying, printing, or mailing documents, VDRs offer instant world wide access to necessary participants.

By taking company documents online this also allows employees the opportunity to work remotely – a common tactic businesses are implementing to save money on rent. An employee can access any important information from home while still ensuring that it remains safe with the various security levels provided by the virtual data room. This creates a sense of connection between employees from every sector of a company and from anywhere around the world.

Brightening The Décor

The easiest way to make an office look that much more modern is by changing the décor and opting for all-white walls that reflect light. Much like with facing desks toward windows, white walls create the sense of a larger, brighter room that inspires motivation and productivity among employees. No one wants to spend their workday trapped in a small, dreary space and while you can’t control the physical size of the building, you can control the way it appears aesthetically. Every era seems to have their defining colours, and ours is most definitely white because of it’s simplicity and malleability. An extra step to modernizing the office would be adding plants to purify the air, create a bit of natural colour, and promote a sense of social responsibility in their daily maintenance.

Promoting Health & Wellbeing

The simplest, yet most effective, way to modernize an office environment is by promoting mental and physical health for employees. This has gone unnoticed for decades so the recent push toward speaking about mental illness both in personal and professional environments has been a refreshing change for those who are struggling to balance work and life. Provide employees with the resources to get help if they need it and remain understanding of the impact mental and physical health issues can have on work performance. The more a community shines a light on problems once brushed under the rug, the sooner we can all take action to fix them, if only slightly.

Make Your Office Dog Friendly

For those who need the assistance of support dogs and don’t want to compromise on their work life or those who simply don’t want to send their dog to a pet sitter all day, this makes an immense impact on an employee’s life. Dog friendly offices have taken off in the recent years and have become a big factor in what it means to have a “modern” office. Many job hunters look specifically for companies that can offer this along with other benefits because of how understated, yet immensely important it is for dog owners to feel comfortable when at work. While, of course, not all companies can provide this due to allergies or other factors, it can make a world of difference to the overall culture and environment of an office to have the freedom to take your dog to work or to take a break and play with a fluffy friend before tackling the rest of the day.


Jenis Steam Wallet Di Indonesia

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How To Make The Most Of Your Productivity

Productivity doesn’t come as easily for some of us as it does for others. Sometimes it’s hard to just find the motivation to start work, let alone remain in the zone long enough to get everything that you wanted to do. From distractions to a lack of inspiration, there are many reasons why you might not be as productive as you would like to be. However, when productivity does strike, and you find yourself enveloped by work and creativity, then it’s important to foster it and help it to last as long as possible. This article will outline a few tips and tricks on how to incite productivity and how to keep it going once it’s there.

Plan Out Your Day

The easiest way to incite some productivity is by planning your day meticulously so that you know what you need to do every few hours. By doing this you can see all your tasks laid out in a detailed schedule, rather than simply on a to-do list making you feel overwhelmed at the volume of work. Being realistic about your goals for that day is also important because you don’t want to jam pack every hour with too much work; it’ll leave you feeling unaccomplished if you were only able to get half of it done. Take some time at the start of a busy day to plan out what the next few hours will look like, trying your best not to make a schedule that’s too difficult to stick to.


Save Your Work

Once you’ve tapped into your motivation and have managed to complete a fair amount of what you set out to, it’s important to ensure that all of your work is being saved so that you don’t have to re-do it in case of accidental deletion. This can be done on a USB stick, a bigger external hard drive, or, for more confidential company data, in a virtual data room. Whichever option you chose you want to be sure that what you upload will stay backed up in case of an issue with your desktop or laptop. A VDR adds the extra bonus of iron-clad security which is vital for company data. Don’t risk your productivity or your confidentiality and save your work somewhere safe and easy to use.

Don’t Ruin It With Distractions

When you’re on a roll, the last thing you want to do is ruin your productivity with unnecessary distractions. It’s important to know what to keep in reach and what to put away so that you are able to focus on your work and get it done efficiently. Food and beverages are good to have close at hand so that you don’t have to get up from your desk too often for them. Keep a few healthy snacks around for fuel in between breakfast and lunch so that you aren’t distracted by your hunger or the search for a treat. On the other hand, if you are easily distracted by your phone, then try to keep that away from you while you’re working. There’s no reason to cut your productivity in half just to scroll through a few social media apps.

Enhance It With Inspiration

Everyone loses inspiration, especially when working a long day or focusing on an arduous project. When you want to get your productivity back on track consider taking a short break. Have a quick walk around the area, just to get those creative juices flowing again, and come back, refreshed, and ready to focus on your work. Even looking out a window or listening to music are great methods to step away from your work and dive into a different mindset for a bit. Enjoy the time away from any stresses that may be preventing you from focusing and allow yourself to gain a different perspective before you get back to your desk.

Take Advantage of Quite Time

Maybe you’ve noticed your inbox messages have slowed down or that your office has cleared out for lunch – take advantage of the quiet time you have with your thoughts to focus and get a big chunk of work done before the regular routine resumes. In a busy office, quiet time doesn’t come about too often, so maybe opt to take your lunch break after you’ve completed a major task and when you no longer have a that quiet time to really focus.



Saham Yang Bagus Untuk Dibeli

Membeli saham yaitu salah satu alternatif untuk berMenjual yang memiliki banyak keuntungan dibandingkan Menjual di bidang lain. Mulai dari kemudahan, kepraktisan, dan imbal hasil yang cukup tinggi. Sekarang berMenjual saham betul-betul mudah dilakukan, pun bisa dikerjakan secara online. Kita dapat Mencoba Membeli Sahamsecara online melewati dunia maya, di rumah, di mana pun asal terhubung dengan dunia online.

Saham Dalam Bentuk Menjuallazimnya orang akan Membeli sahamlalu menyimpannya dalam jangka waktu yang lama. Tapi lebih populer di bursa, kebanyakan orang membeli dan memasarkan saham semacam itu saja hanya untuk mendapatkan keuntungan dari kenaikan selisih harga beli dan jual dari kenaikan harga, atau istilah lainnya disebut dengan Trading.

keunggulan saham yang tak dimiliki oleh sebagian instrumen Investasi lainnya adalah rendahnya modal minimal yang dibutuhkan untuk memulai Membeli. Hanya dengan modal 15 ribu rupiah saja Anda telah bisa membuka berMenjual saham, sehingga siapapun dapat berInvestasi di pasar modal.

modal permulaan yang rendah, dalam berMenjual di saham pemodal juga tak perlu mempunyai pengetahuan finansial akan produk-produk Menjual yang mendalam. Karena itu Investasi saham layak untuk seluruh ragam investor, dari Wiraswasta, Pegawai Negeri, Ibu Rumah Tangga, Pensiunan hingga dengan Pelajar dan Mahasiswa semuanya dapat berMembeli di saham. Cukup memilih Anak Perusahaan yang diandalkan akan bertumbuh dan tidak akan kolaps, kita Anda telah bisa mengawali Menjual saham.

Apakah anda mengenal apa itu saham? Saham yaitu surat berharga yang menonjolkan komponen kepemilikan atas suatu usaha. Membeli sahamberarti anda sudah mempunyai hak kepemilikan atas Anak Perusahaan tersebut. Karenanya dari itu, Anda berhak atas keuntungan Anak Perusahaan dalam wujud dividen, pada akhir tahun periode pembukuan perusahaan. Atau dapat juga memiliki pengertian sebagai salah satu instrumen pasar keuangan yang paling popular dan yakni instrument Menjual yang banyak dipilih para investor sebab saham cakap memberikan tingkat keuntungan yang menarik.

Kalau anda bertanya bagaimana caranya membeli berarti anda bertanya apa saja pelaksanaan yang mesti dilakukan saat ingin Membayar Saham sebuah usaha.

Sebelum menjawab ini sedikit dan ingin bercerita mengenai apa dan bagaimana perkembangan Menjual bidang ini di Indonesia. Faktanya, ternyata orang yang terjun ke dunia saham di negeri ini masih kurang dari 1% dari sempurna penduduknya. wah, sungguh-sungguh kurang sekali jika dibandingkan 5dengan banyak negara tetangga yang pun sudah ada yang melebihi sampai 5%.

Padahal, dibanding dengan reksadana, deposito, Investasi emas dan yang lainnya, rupanya saham lah yang paling bagus dalam membantu melipatgandakan keuangan dalam waktu singkat dan mudah sebagaimana telah diperaktekkan oleh Warren Buffett yang sukses pernah menjadi orang terkaya di dunia, atau sebut saja pak Lo Keng Hong yang dari Indonesia yang juga berhasil meningkatkan jumlah kekayaannya.

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Aneka Ornamen Masjid Yang Dapat Memperindah Masjid

Ornamen yang ada pada masjid merupakan salah satu elemen hiasan yang ada pada bangunan masjid, entah sebagai hiasan didalam masjid (interior) ataupun hiasan diluar masjid (eksterior). Masjid di Indonesia ada banyak sekali, dan pastinya masyarakat Indonesia sangat familiar dengan arsitektur dari masjid. Sebagai negara dengan mayoritas penduduk beragama islam yang tersebar dari Sabang hingga Merauke, masyarakat berlomba-lomba untuk membangun masjid didaerahnya untuk memberikan akses kemudahan bagi masyarakat untuk beribadah. Aneka ornamen masjid banyak dicari untuk memperindah masjid. Allah SWT menyukai keindahan, maka tak heran jika masjid-masjid yang dibangun pun memiliki nilai estetika yang tinggi dengan berbagai macam ornamen.

harga karpet masjid
harga karpet masjid

Ornamen menjadi elemen yang sangat penting dan tidak bisa ditinggalkan dalam pembangunan masjid untuk mendukung terwujudnya masjid yang indah dan nyaman. Hampir tidak ada masjid yang tidak memiliki aneka ornamen masjid didalam maupun luar masjid itu sendiri. Ada beberapa macam jenis ornamen yang diperbolehkan untuk menghias masjid, berikut adalah contohnya.

  1. Ornamen kaligrafi Al-Qur’an

Kaligrafi Al-Qur’an merupakan seni tulis indah yang berkembang dari budaya islam, tulisannya berupa ayat-ayat yang ada didalam Al-Qur’an. Selain ditulis dengan indah dan mampu menghias masjid, penggunaan ornamen kaligrafi Al-Qur’an juga memiliki tujuan lain, yaitu sebagai sarana untuk melestarikan Al-Qur’an.

  1. Ornamen geometris islami

Lebih populer dalam ornamen islam, karena dapat digunakan untuk menghias lantai, dinding, langit-langit bahkan relief atau kerawang masjid. Hampir setiap masjid di Indonesia menggunakan ornamen geometris islami untuk menghias masjid. Pola geometris yang digunakan untuk menghias berupa berbagai macam bentuk dan garis yang saling menyambung dan tidak terputus.

  1. Ornamen tradisional

Ornamen tradisional atau lokal daerah masing-masing yang ada di Indonesia juga kerap digunakan. Karena masjid sendiri arsitekturnya tidak lepas dari pengaruh budaya lokal. Motif yang biasa digunakan adalah motif sulur, tumbuhan dan juga geometris.

Ornamen apapun yang anda pilih dari berbagai aneka ornamen masjid tidak masalah, karena ornamen apapun jika dibuat dengan baik mampu memperindah masjid, walaupun ornamennya hanya sederhana
Silahkan baca: harga karpet masjid murah

Pembayaran Pajak dan Asuransi yang Tidak Sesuai Dalam Pengelolaan Fixed Asset

Jika anda masih menggunakan excel dan belum menggunakan fixed asset management software sebaiknya perhatikan artikel ini. Pembayaran Pajak dan pembayaran asuransi sangat erat kaitannya dengan fixed asset yang anda miliki. Pada pembayaran pajak, jumlah nominal pembayaran pajak badan dipengaruhi oleh laba rugi yang dimiliki perusahaan setiap tahunnya.

Sedangkan yang kita ketahui bersama adalah fixed asset mengalami penyusutan nilai atau depresiasi. Beban penyusutan yang bertambah akan menyebabkan berkurangnya laba yang diterima oleh perusahaan sehingga beban pajak yang ditanggung perusahaan menjadi lebih kecil.

Sedangkan untuk asuransi, terdapat beberapa perusahaan yang mengasuransikan fixed asset yang mereka miliki. Semakin banyak dan besar nilai aset yang mereka miliki maka semakin besar premi asuransi yang harus mereka bayar ke pihak asuransi. Untuk itu menjadi penting apabila jumlah dan nilai dari aset anda yang sebenarnya selalu terupdate. Jika masih ada aset-aset yang masih terdaftar namun fisik sebenarnya tidak ada atau rusak lebih baik dikeluarkan dari daftar aset yang diasuransikan.

Rugi bukan ? jika anda masih membayar asuransi untuk aset -aset “hantu” tersebut.

Lalu bagaimana mengetahui aset yang hilang dan rusak diatas ? Anda harus melakukan fisikal cek atau stock opname secara berkala, dan pada sistem software fixed asset and tracking yang lengkap proses stock opname dapat anda lakukan kapan saja dengan mudah dan cepat.