13 Feb

D30 “it’s not the end”

Today, all of the participants of SEA-Teacher Project should go back to their homeland. 30 days brought lots of change to us. This morning, I went to Donmuang Airport with Kharisma, We flew to Bali at 11.35 by Air Asia. After that at 16.55 We arrived in Bali, Indonesia, I could meet my brother there. He helped me to move from international terminal to domestic terminal for my next flight at 19.10. Finally, touched down in Surakarta at 19.20. As We know, there’s the different time zone around one hour between Indonesia in west and middle.

From the deepest of my heart… I am so grateful, I am alive
The last day of SEA-Teacher Project in Thailand. I can’t do it alone, I won’t be able to pass it through. God sent people with His Mighty hands taking care of me.
Thank you dearest families, friends, UNS, PNRU.

We go home, We stay in our hometown but We bring the new spirit as a student teacher. It’s not the end, it just begins.

11 Feb

D28 “Njoy Saturday”


The 28th days in Thailand. I spent this morning to finish my reports at the end of this week since it is my last day here. Staying in the other country will be an unforgettable experience in my life. I did my reports with reviewed the days that I had spent. I stopped at the point where I don’t want to be perfect anymore, that’s really tiring. It’s ok to be the real me. Because of when I meet mistake and failure that means I am trying. Deeply thank you for the sisters who helped me to pass day by day.

1486819763410     This Saturday, my friend named Pi Yingfoo took me and sister Alfi and Bilqis to explore around Thailand. Pi Yingfoo is the student of PNRU in the 4th year, She is the internship student teacher at Wat Donmuang School. Pi Ying took care of me in the school… I can’t express her kindness and how grateful I am to meet her.


We had so much fun today. We left the dorm at 2 p.m, then We visited Khao San Rd, the well-known tourism point in Thailand. We got the traffic jam, but We enjoyed this short trip. Our last destination was Grand Palace. Even though We didn’t go inside, but it’s nice to see that great place.




Thank you sisters

07 Feb

D24 “the evaluation day”

Swadikaa.. This is the day! Today I have to teach the children at K1/2 but it will be special because Ajarn Pookpik will see me there. Actually, my evaluation day had postponed because at the previous Friday, there was a parent meeting in the school. It made all the teachers were busy.

I do enjoy this day, I will teach my children about creative art. Today, We will make the teeth mask. The previous lesson that We have learned about the healthy and the unhealthy teeth in the circle time activity. So it’s the time to applied it on the artworks. Yeah!

As usual, We had morning ceremony then pre-activity by Kru At. After that, it’s my turn to teach. First of all, I invited them to sing The Hokey Pockey. There were 31 children enjoyed to sing and dance. With a joyful heart, I reviewed the previous lesson with the tooth board. Amazingly, the children can remember 🙂 even in Thai language, but some children are able to tell it in English. After that, I divided the children into two groups. The first group created the healthy teeth mask, then the second group created the unhealthy teeth mask.

I demonstrated the way to make them. They can’t wait to make it by themselves, anyway. Then I distributed the materials of the artwork, and gave them time to do the creative art. Taraa…. These are my children’s handmade. Some of them are able to do the same with the teacher’s instruction. Whatever those are, I love them. The time when their little hand did the artworks.

Creative art accommodate the development of fine motor and emotional, it is really needed.

01 Feb

D18 “the first time to….”

–Great things never came from comfort zone

Hello, I uploaded this journal from the dorm of Phranakhon Rajabhat University.

Wat Donmuang School has sports day on Wednesday, so the learning activity will be started at 9.30 am. Actually, the children came around 7 am then they will play in the room. Read More

31 Jan

D17 “Tuesday must be happy”


This Tuesday was the 17th days in Bangkok. I learned so many things, how to be grateful in every circumstance. Sometimes, I lost my confidence, I thought still in the 3rd year at 5th semester. I can’t do that, what if I can’t do that…. I have to deal with myself. Then, I realized that when I can be here is a great achievement. So I just have to try and do, survive for one day and continue it until the last day.  Read More