In fact, trademark indonesia cannot guarantee the success and development of the business that you build. The key to success in making a business is hard work, smart work, sincere work, exhausted work and creativity.

Even though it doesn’t have a big impact on the success of your business, it is necessary to make a good brand name and sell it to become the identity of your business products.

A good trademark Indonesia will make it easier for people to remember and get to know your product. For example, when you hear people mention the word fried noodles, it’s possible that the brand name that first comes to your memory is indomie. If you want to do a trademark Indonesia, please contact us.

The brand name is really short and only divided into 7 letters. However, it sticks in the memory of the residents, even though now there are many other kinds of noodles.

Come up with a brand name that describes your product
What sector does your business operate in? Is it in service, culinary, fashion, automotive or something?

What products are you selling? Food, drink, clothes, watch, bag or something else?

You must create a brand name that matches the sector and product being marketed. For example, suppose your business operates in the food processing industry sector. Then make the Sang Kilat brand name the identity of your product.

The name really doesn’t fit and doesn’t visualize the product you’re selling. The name Sang Kilat is more suitable for businesses in the delivery service department, because it visualizes a fast service like lightning.

To create a brand name that describes your business, please try the 3 types of names below:

  1. Prescriptive brand name
    The name describes the product being marketed, for example ‘Teh Botol Sosro’. Without giving any information, the residents already knew that the name was a brand name for tea drinks wrapped in bottles.
  2. The acronym brand name
    A brand name that stands for your name or your company name. For example, lipstick ‘IG’ which is short for the name of the product maker, Ivan Gunawan.

However, you must be aware of the use of such initials. Supposedly, stay away from using initials that only have consonants because it will make it difficult to pronounce, such as DKD, HJK, KJH, LMK and others.

3. Unique and innovative brand names
Brand name that has no relationship with the product. To come up with a unique and innovative brand name, you have to think about it carefully. Stay away from using brand names that have negative connotations, because they will affect your business image.

For example, Wardah, this brand name is taken from Arabic which means flower. Because take an Islamic name, this is the right name to visualize a beauty product that is not alcoholic or other haram ingredients.

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