Best Travel Insurance Recommendations

Best Travel Insurance Recommendations

Each travel insurance product certainly provides different benefits and benefits. This depends on the amount of premium you pay. The greater the premium, the more benefits from travel insurance will be. However, it is better to choose a product that suits your needs.

Best travel insurance

Here are some choices of travel insurance products that you can compare to determine which one is the best, including:

1. Zurich Travel Insurance

This Zurich travel insurance gives you and your loved ones protection from various risks if you travel either domestically or abroad. The following are the benefits and benefits of Zurich travel insurance, including:

  • Easy kalim process
  • Customers can enjoy cashless benefits in medical expenses when traveling abroad
  • Can comprehensive protection in one policy
  • No limit on the number of children
  • Save more with duo plus
  • Can enjoy benefits for travel delays or baggage delays of at least 4 hours
  • Can add other benefits such as winter sports, cruise ship protection, adventure activities, visa protection, business trips, and loss of events
  • Self-insuredness gets coverage of up to RP1,500,000,000
  • Medical and other emergency expenses up to IDR 2,500,000,000
  • Cancellations and trip changes up to IDR 65,000,000
  • Travel fee up to IDR 45,000,000
  • Baggage and goods protection up to IDR 30,000,000
  • Repatriation of the remains
  • Other benefits up to IDR 2,500,000,000
  • Covid-19 protection with details:
  • Medical costs including emergency medical evacuation up to Rp1,500,000,000
  • Additional expenses (quarantine) up to IDR 30,000,000
  • Child repatriation up to IDR 45,000,000

2. Asoka Travel Insurance

Benefits and benefits of asoka travel insurance, namely:

  • Single travel insurance coverage to geographic areas up to a maximum of 185 days
  • Annual insurance coverage up to a maximum of 90 or 180 days in one trip
  • Emergency medical treatment without cash
  • Double compensation for accidents in public transport
  • The cost of death or permanent disability coverage is up to USD 50,000
  • Medical expenses due to accidents up to $25,000
  • Sick medical expenses up to $500
  • Hospital cash benefit up to 300 USD / 24 hours, maximum 2,000 USD
  • Emergency medical evacuation up to 25,000 USD
  • Repatriation of the remains 250,000 USD
  • Emergency phone 300 USD
  • Baggage and lost items 300 USD/item, maximum 2,000 USD
  • Related documentation up to $2,500
  • Baggage delay up to 1,000/6 hours, maximum 3,000 USD
  • Personal legal liability to other parties up to 1,000 USD
  • Travel delay up to USD 500/6 hours, maximum 2,500 USD
  • Loss of down payment or cancellation up to 2,500 USD
  • Travel reduction up to 2,000 USD
  • Piracy up to $250/6 hours, maximum 6,000 USD

3. MSIG Travel Overseas

Travel protection with MSIG Travel Overseas provides a variety of benefits and benefits, including

  • Valid for Indonesians and foreigners who have KITAS/KIMS who live in Indonesia and will travel abroad in Indonesia
  • Cashless inpatient payments
  • Maximum travel coverage period of 180 days
  • Death or disability coverage fee up to Rp1,000,000,000
  • Accidental treatment up to RP1,000,000,000
  • Treatment due to illness up to Rp1,000,000,000
  • Emergency medical evacuation IDR 1,000,000,000
  • Repatriation of remains up to IDR 1,000,000,000
  • Mourning fee up to RP50,000,000
  • Child care up to IDR 50,000,000
  • Loss of baggage up to IDR 20,000,000
  • Loss of documents and passport Idr 5,000,000
  • Lose money up to IDR 20,000,000
  • Baggage delay up to Rp2,400,000
  • Trip cancellation IDR 25,000,000
  • Flight delay Rp4,000,000
  • Emergency travel up to IDR 30,000,000

4. BCAinsurance Travel Insurance

The following are the benefits and benefits of BCAinsurance travel insurance, including:

  • Travel time extension guarantee
  • Pre-travel information and general assistance services are guaranteed
  • Baggage or document loss tracking is guaranteed
  • Claim no later than 30 working days
  • Medical repatriation and repatriation of remains up to USD 100,000
  • Emergency medical expenses up to $100,000
  • Hospital cash benefit due to accident or illness up to 1,000 USD
  • Cancellations, delays and trip reductions up to USD 5,000
  • Aircraft hijacking up to 1,000 USD
  • Travel delay up to 500 USD
  • Obstacles to connecting trips up to $500
  • Loss or damage to baggage up to USD 1,000
  • Baggage delay up to 250 USD
  • Personal responsibility up to 100,000 USD
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