Giveaway is a Promotional Strategy to Increase Engagement

Giveaway is a Promotional Strategy to Increase Engagement

A promotional strategy is a step that must be carried out in business. One strategy that is quite popular among business people is giveaways. Giveaway is a strategy in marketing by distributing prizes with various specific requirements.

Using this as a marketing strategy is certainly a smart thing. This strategy can be supported by the use of a marketing automation system. This system serves to optimize marketing strategies to be more structured and easier, see the following article for further explanation!

Types of Giveaways

Giveaway is the act of someone to share items or other things with others for free. A giveaway can serve as a place for self-promotion. Giveaway promotions have become commonplace on social media, especially Instagram. In fact, there are so many giveaway sponsors who work with paid celebgrams. The celebgram will usually post the content of the prize giving according to the wishes of the sponsor. To win this prize, you just need to like, follow and share the post. Giveaways have several types, including:

Self giveaway

In the implementation of its activities, this type is carried out independently. Starting from promotional content, terms and conditions, to prizes, you decide it.

Usually, this self-giveaway is carried out by business people who are experienced by having a lot of consumers. In addition, the company certainly already has a special marketing budget, especially to use this strategy.

The terms and conditions also vary and differ in purpose according to the wishes of the organizer. Such as the organizers asking participants to follow social media accounts, like and share posts, and some even provide challange as a condition.

As for the prizes, they can be various according to the wishes of the organizer. It can be a digital product according to the type of your business, even to cash.

Giveaway sponsorship

Furthermore, there are giveaway sponsors that can be your choice if the business is not too big. This sponsorship is a gift-giving activity carried out by a third party that is usually called a host.

This type of prize giving does not require much effort because the entire series of events, from information to announcement of winners will be arranged by third parties. You only need to prepare a budget to pay for the host’s services.

Usually this series of events is attended by several brands at once so that prizes for participants are even more diverse. You can take advantage of the features in the event management system to increase engagement and add a professional impression.

If your goal is to increase brand awareness and high engagement then choose this type of giveaway.

Why Is Giveaway an Important Strategy?

Giveaway is an important value because it can increase engagement. A giveaway can attract an audience and generate enormous enthusiasm. The reason is, First, because the prizes are quite attractive. Secondly, the conditions requested are easy to implement without considerable effort. this activity becomes one thing that is very important for business strategy. Here are some reasons why this strategy is important for businesses.

Lead accretion

Increasing the leads of a business is one of the benefits and goals of giveaway activities. With this, business people who carry out the giveaway will get potential potential customers.

The contact of leads can be diverse. Starting from Instagram accounts, company emails, to business WhatsApp numbers. Armed with these contacts, you can contact to send information related to your product. Starting from product promotion, champaign, to the release of new products. Your company can use a CRM Leads system to increase lead conversions and identify potential leads easily.

Increased engagement

Another advantage that your business gets is that it increases engagement. Engagement is the interweaving of communication between business people and consumers that is important for the formation of customer loyalty.

An engagement for business people is important, because this can be useful for getting feedback about your product. Feedback is also important for the development of a product.

Increase Brand Awareness

The more participants who take part in your giveaway event, the brand awareness will also increase. Brand awareness is related to the introduction of a brand, this is related to customer awareness of a product or service. Starting from the logo name, color, tagline, to things related to the brand.

Attracting potential consumers, building consumer trust and getting loyal customers is the goal of forming brand awareness.

Frugal marketing

A series of events in the giveaway can be carried out with a minimal budget with optimal results. Compare with the budget for advertising on billboards. To get maximum results, of course, you have to install more than one billboard with different locations to get more potential consumers.

With this, the giver can determine the value of the prize and the audience is much more specific with measurable engagement. In addition, with the increase in leads, the list of potential customers is also more potential.


Giveaway is a strategy in marketing by distributing prizes with terms and conditions according to the will of the organizer. The benefits of this activity are many, one of which is related to increasing customer engagement. The most important thing in improving these relationships is the ease of access to communication and interaction between the company and customers. This is important because it can maintain a good relationship with customers, while increasing sales. The solution to the problem is CRM Software.

HashMicro CRM software is a system that can manage the interactions that occur between companies and their customers, both for managing data, and synchronizing sales, marketing, and customer service. This system is useful so that the company stays in touch with valuable customers and maintains good relationships. Therefore, CRM applications are available so that you can easily manage consumers efficiently. This application is the right solution for those of you who want convenience in improving customer relationship management through a giveaway strategy. HashMicro is the best CRM choice to ensure your team is able to create exceptional customer experiences. Contact now and get the best deal!

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