Month: August 2018

The Heavy Rain and Strong Wind

         Saturday, August 11, 2018. Magandang umaga. That was our holiday in Benguet and we with Ma’am Jingle and the buddies planned to tour in Baguio but it was cancelled because the heavy rain and strong wind can’t stop. I wanted to see the rain, but when I wanted to open the door. Unfortunately, I saw my umbrella broke.

(My pity umbrella)

        We decided to stay in our dorm. In the afternoon, Ma’am Jingle and Kuya William came and brought rice for us. We can’t buy rice because the weather. We cooked some foods and had a dinner together. After that, Ma’am Jingle checked our lesson plan for practice teaching. We shared about the step to make a lesson plan each other and slept with heavy rain in outside. We also shared our own story each other.

(The night with lesson plan… Fighting Andyta)

         Sunday, August 12, 2018. The rain didn’t stop. I felt very cold. We knew that La Trinidad, Benguet, had two seasons. They were dry and wet seasons. The dry season was from November to April while the wet season occurred during the rest of the year. The rainiest month was on August, so that why the rain always accompanied us in Benguet. Hehehe… I made a cup of coffee and ate a bread in the morning. We were still busy with our lesson plan. My friends made a semi detail lesson plan for first practice teaching. But for me, Ma’am Rose asked me to make lesson plan based on Indonesian format. We had a problem with the internet connection. Actually, we needed internet connection to search some references for making lesson plan.

       In the evening, we went to grocery.

(Happy rainy)

       Ma’am Jingle and her husband visited to our dorm and brought some foods. We ate together. Suddenly,  I got a message from Ma’am Imelda that the classes were suspended because was estimated that there was typhoon. I confirmed the news to M’am Jingle. Right, the classes were suspended. We watched a breaking news on television. There were actual news about the weather in Philippines. The class suspension was sowed on television also. So, if there was bad weather or typhoon, the Philippines government made policy to suspend the all level of school in related areas, included Benguet. I saw that was flooded in Pangasinan, Philippines. We prayed for the better weather in Philippines and Allah always protected us.

Happy Friday in BSU-SLS

       Friday, August 10, 2018. Morning Benguet. I already enjoyed in there. This was my fourth observation and my last observation because i had to practice teaching on next week. That day, I will observed four classes, that were 9-3, 8-2, 9-2, and 8-1. After we joined on flag ceremony, I and Ma’am Rose went to grade 9-3. Ma’am Rose asked two students to write the solution of the last assignment. She gave a problem to show the topic of that day. The topic was about factoring quadratic equation. The beside class (Grade 8-2) was very noisy while the lesson going on. So, Ma’am Rose chew out them to be quiet. As good teacher, she already tried to made conducive atmosphere for learning.

    A half of the meeting was used to discuss about class management. You already knew that Ma’am Rose was a adviser of grade 9-3, right?

If you didn’t know, you have to read all of my previous story. Hehehehe

      They discuss about class motto less than six words, bulletin board for schedule, announcement, classroom officers table, project, assignment, seat-plan), subject areas, and theme of lockers.


(Grade 9-3)

        Next, we continued on grade 8-2. The first activities were cleaning the class and fixed their seat. I thought that they haven’t ready to learn math, because mostly students just took their module on locker when ma’am rose asked them to open their module. Some students wanna be volunteers to write the solution of their assignment about foil method. Next, Ma’am Rose wrote the formulas of the product of the sum and the difference of two binomial and the square of the sum or the difference of two terms. She explained very well. I like her voice when she taught, aloud and clearly.

(Grade 8-2)

         In the grade 9-2, I saw the seat-plan of them. The seat-plan was creative, it was boy-girl-boy-girl like that. The topic of that day was factoring by grouping. And the last observation was in grade 8-1. The students be quiet when the teacher came. After routine activities, they were divided to some group based on their row seats. Then, every group chosen delegate to write the solution of their assignment in the board. They worked together to write correct solution. They were given individual and team score. They continued with some problems. Ma’am Rose gave a assignment for them.

(Grade 8-1)

            After that observation, Ma’am Rose and I discussed about our schedule for next week. She explained the subject for my practice teaching section.

               I went to Kenwayne with Rina and Putri. That was my first time. We walked and used umbrella, because the rain came again. Hehehe I was very surprised. I thought, mostly people in Benguet use public transportation. I only saw a few motorcycle (i can count it with my finger hehehehe) Yeah. Most of them liked walk by foot. That was difference with my habit on my country. I always used my motorcycle to going anywhere. And the good thing of Benguet that the driver will stopped their car if the people were crossing the road. That was difference with our country, sometimes we was afraid to cross the road because so many motorcycle and other transportation with speed velocity, though I was on zebra cross. Hehehe. In the grocery, I found several products that I also commonly found in Indonesia, for example Downy, Puff Rice Cakes (Jipang), Ajinomoto, Energen, etc. After in the dorm, Andyta showed yakult light with a blue package. We have never found before. Yakult Light provided the same benefits as Yakult, but is a lower sugar option.


(Yakult and Yakult Light)

            Frankie brought SamYang and Kimchi for us. I and Risal learnt to sing ‘Lupang Hinirang’. Sam and Frankie helped us. Then, we and the buddies cooked SamYang and soup. We had dinner together.

(Our dinner menus: Kimchi, SamYang, Soup)

(Our dinner with Frankie, Stephanie, Sam, and Jordan)


MATH ART ( Mathematics with Art)

        Thursday, August 9, 2018. This was my third observation. Like usually, every morning we joined on flag ceremony. That day, I will observed three classes, they were 8-3, 9-3, and 9-2. At 7.45 a.m. I and Ma’am Rose went to grade 8-3. That was my first time to observe grade 8-3. I thought that they were more quite that students of grade 8-3. The class was began with checking assignment. Ma’am Rose asked some volunteers to wrote their answer in the board. They were six students who being volunteers. Mostly volunteers had correct answers. Ma’am Rose gave a point for volunteers and students why can found the error solution and repaired it correctly. Checking always done by seatmate. The topic was “Special Product”. Ma’am Rose stimulated students for being active student. Some student can understood but some student looked confused. I thought that was normal because they had difference capacity to learn mat and difference thought process. In the last, students were given seven minutes to make squares and cubes art with the description. And surprised… I was asked to check their arts. They were so creative.

(Square and cubic robots)

(Rabbit with a carrot)

(Math Instinct)

(It was so funny. Hehehehe)

       I observed grade 9-3 after I checked all of the arts assignment. There were 38 students in that class. I spent 45 minutes for checking it, so I was late in grade 9-3. But it was no problem for my mentor. I knew that students of grade 9-3 learned about solving quadratic equations and they had a assignment before the class done. Rain was falling again. So cold.

      Hazel accompanied me to observe in the last class. It was grade 9-2. Like usually, the meeting was began by routine activities: greeting, checking attendance and assignment. Students was very active to discuss the assignment. The topic on that day was “Factoring”. Students were given some problems for their activity and Ma’am Rose was monitoring and helping some of them who had a problem. I also saw the firmness of Ma’am Rose when the time was finished and students had to check their answer.

         After that, I wrote my story on my blog because there was Wi-fi in SLS and no connection in our dorm. Yes, I thought that our dorm had bad connection. Hehehe. I can use my phone to chatting or browsing if I was in my bedroom. But in SLS, the Wi-fi was not speed. So, I set mind on write my story on Ms. Word first and I will upload if my connection is already sustained.

          In the evening, some buddies were on our dorm. they helped us to make lesson plan because we will teach on next week.

OK, thanks for reading my story. Let’s show this video.


Warm Feeling on Cold Day


         Wednesday, August 8, 2018. This was my second observation. Like usually, every morning we join on flag ceremony. The flag ceremony was hold at Basketball Field because was raining on that morning.

(The flag ceremony at Basketball Area)

     We hadn’t breakfast yet, but Karn (Andyta’s buddy) gave graham cake with banana topping for us. Alhamdulillah.


(Graham Cake from Karn)

        That day, I will observed three classes, they were 9-3, 9-2, and 8-2. At 8.45 a.m. I and Ma’am Rose went to grade 9-3. She was a adviser of grade 9-3. So, in the first meeting, Ma’am Rose and the students chose the classroom officers, planned classroom rules and regulations. Classroom officers included: president, vice president, secretary, monitor, treasurer, auditor, PIO (Public Information Officer), SGT-at arms, and business manager. The selection of the classroom officers was very fun. First, they chose who will be the president. There were three candidates. They presented their own self without designed to be president. The excellent students. The election was done by voting by raising hand. There were 45 students of grade 9-3. After that, Ma’am Rose and the students discussed about classroom rules and regulations included cleanliness, seat-plan, and project. And in the last, Ma’am Rose told about the subject of mathematics will be learning. I think, she was doing the function of adviser perfectly. She was my inspiration. Unch…

(The classroom officers of Grade 9-3)

        That day was rain. I felt cold but i was happy to waiting for the next observation. The next class was grade 9-2. The meeting was began with cleaning the class. Ma’am Rose was discipline teacher who have firmness. After that, she checked attendance and asked the president to spread the modules to the students. Ma’am Rose recalled the pass lesson, that was about linear equations. She gave two problems for warming up. For that example, the students knew that some equations have one solution but some equations have many solutions.

       Next, the students were given a activity to solve some problem of linear equation. That was to find the value of the variable. Ma’am Roes provided individual assistance for them who need it. She explained clearly. I found the inspiring teaching strategy from Ma’am Rose. That was some of steps of the solution of a problem was made to be a quiz. So the students will be active to answer that and interest to get maximum score. It made the meeting to be meaningful learning. In the last meeting, the students were given some assignment. Ma’am Rose always asked to students if they had some questions or problems.

(Grade 9-2)

Okay let’s continue with the next observation.

         The next observation was in grade 8-2. The class was noisy when I and Ma’am Rose came. We saw that there are rubbishes on back of the class. Ma’am Rose asked the student to put all of papers in the floor and asked the president and vice president to clean the rubbish until empty. Actually, there was cleanliness schedule, because I saw there was dirt fighters table on the wall of class. Next Ma’am Rose recalled about the last lesson and began to teach FOIL method with using the module. The students tried to solve the problems on the module concerned the subject. It was as their activity. Ma’am Rose provided individual assistance for them who have problem. Like usually, their answers were checked by their classmate on beside them and the score based on Ma’am Rose, of course.

(The president and vice president of Grade 9-2 cleaned the rubbish)

(Ma’am Rose provided individual assistance)

       At the evening, some buddies were on our dorm. Some of them helped my friend to make lesson plan, and some of them cooked with us for our dinner. Frankie and Karn showed to us how to cook dynamite. It was so simple. Just removed the seeds of chili and put some cheeses inside it. Then, wrap in lumpia wrapped to form spring rolls and deep fried until golden brown. I thought, it was so spicy because we will eat the big chili. But, when we ate it, the taste was so delicious, not spicy even i added spicy sauce from Indonesia. I will try to cook dynamite in Indonesia.

Magandang Umaga Mga Mag Aaral


         Tuesday, August 7, 2018. On that day, I went to SLS earlier because there was a flag ceremony at 7.30 a.m. Yeah a flag ceremony! In the college, the flag ceremony always hold on every Monday, but there was a difference with the flag ceremony in SLS, it was always hold on Monday-Friday. In Indonesia, for elementary and high school held the flag ceremony every Monday but for college just when there was national day. This was my second time that I heard Philippines National Anthem. Yeay,  then the SLS students sang two other songs, the title of the song maybe BSU Hymn and La Trinidad Hymn. Very interesting.

           After the ceremony, we introduced our selves in front of all students and teachers. This school was using ‘K to 12’ basic education curriculum. The ‘K to 12’ Program covered Kindergarten and 12 years of basic education (six years of Primary Education, four years of Junior High School, and two years of Senior High School)  to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle level skills development, employment and entrepreneurship.

            Then, I met with Ma’am Rose in her office. We discussed about our project to finish the Sea Teacher Project. She gave a copy of her schedule to me.

(Ma’am Rose’s Teaching Schedule)

          Based on that schedule, we had four classes every day. Ma’am Rose taught in five classes, they were 9-2, 9-3, 8-2, 8-1, and 8-3. She also gave two modules (grade 8 and 9) and green map which contain the copy of ‘K to 12’ basic education for Grade 8 and Grade 9. For that day (Tuesday, August 7), I would observe Ma’am Rose in four classes, those were 9-2, 8-2, 8-1, and 8-3. Ma’am Rose asked me about my pray time and she allowed me to pray first in the last class time. That was a religious tolerance.

            In SLS, the duration of one section was one hour and there were four math lesson times on everyweek. It was different with time allocation in Indonesia, especially in Central Java (my province). The time allocation was 40 minutes for Junior High School and 45 minutes for Senior High School. Usually, the duration for math lesson was 2-3 teaching times on one section (80-135 minutes on one section) and the students had math lesson for twice a week.

            I was calling Kilayon while I waited my first observe time in grade 9-2. I asked her to bring an example of lesson plan which was used by the teacher of SLS. She came with a pink book on her hand. It was her mother’s lesson plans collections. Her mother was a teacher of Elementary School. We shared about our language each other. I learned Tagalog and he learned Bahasa (Indonesian Language).

(Kilayon wrote some words in Bahasa)

         I continued with my observe time. First class was grade 9-2. It was first meeting for grade 9-2 in this semester. There were 47 students of grade 9-2. Ma’am Rose greeted the students with some questions about their condition and  holiday, then she wrote a question in the board, it was “Why are we here?”. Some students answered “ For learn”. But, Ma’am Rose’s answer was “Because we are citizen of the world”.  Then, Ma’am Rose gave some questions about social and life. She taught about the values education. For example about technological development that impacted to us, lifestyle, house rules, discrimination, cheating, bullying, relationships, love, ect.

     Ma’am Rose discussed with students about those issues. The one of important things was about rules. There were many rules in house, school, and social, also in Math. All of things or problems were coming back to the rules itself. Without the rules, we would have troubles when learn mathematics. So in math, rules were very helpful. We also needed rules for rights. Students were very active on that discussion. Basically, Ma’am Rose had values education background.

        Ma’am Rose introduced her self. The student could call Ma’am Rose by “Ma’am Reos”. After the class finished, I asked about something on my observation. She told that besides teaching mathematics, we had to teach about values education to students. She gave simple discussion and motivation for student because mostly students had problems on math lesson. Mathematics learning was difficult for them.

(Grade 9-2)

         When lunch break time, Andyta, Rina, Putri, Argee, Doly, and me went to BSU Marketing. I bought a piece of cake with pineapple as the topping. Very delicious!

(Yellow cake with yellow lover)

          Next observation was in grade 8-2. There were 45 students of grade 8-2.That was the second meeting for them. First, students was asked to clean the class and submit their assignment. Ma’am Rose spreaded the module from Singapore source. She checked students attendance and gave activity. Students counted the sum of the seatmate’s moles. The topic of that day was “algebraic expression” or “polynomials”. Ma’am Rose gave the comparation of algebra in kindergarten, elementary school, and high school. She also gave the definition of variable and constant. Then, students were given quizzes about polynomials. They had to distinguish between polynomial or not polynomial. Meanwhile, Ma’am Rose was monitoring her students on solving that problems. Their answers were checked by their seatmate. They looked very happy when they had the correct answer and looked sad when they got the wrong answer. Ma’am Rose gave an assignment for them. Class finished. I and Ma’am Rose went back to our own room.

(Grade 8-2)

Next observation was in grade 8-1. There were 37 students of grade 8-1. Learning activities included: checked attendance, review the previous material, motivation, students activity, checked students’s answers, and generalization. the topic was the same with grade 8-2. The different thing was some students were being volunteers to answers the problem. The students of grade 8-1 were more active than the previous classes. Ma’am Rose told that mostly students of grade 8-1 had easy to learn mathematics.

(Grade 8-1)

That was my brief story when i was observating. At my night, I and other student teachers from Indonesia were cooking for our dinner. That night was difference, because some buddies and one SLS student joined with our dinner. They tried to taste “Bon Cabe” and our foods. Incidentally, our food was little more spicy than usually. They told that our foods very spicy.

(We, Budies (Limar, Arnol, Oliver, Argee), and Tito )

Day of Welcome


          Saturday, August 6, 2018. Magandang umaga. Yeah good morning. We had some schedules for the our first Monday in Philippines. The first schedule was a flag ceremony in the administration building at 8.00 a.m and a welcoming program at 4.00 p.m.

            We joined the flag ceremony with all of university officer and four students from China. All of we saluted the Philippines flag. It was the first time for me that I heard  Philippines national anthem. I was interesting with the song and wanted to learn it. Maybe sometimes. After the flag ceremony, we were introduced in front of ceremony participants. I was so proud that I will be the part of SEA teacher project. We met Mrs. Imelda G. Parcasio as Dean of College of Teacher Education,  Mrs. Jingle P. Cuevas as our supervisor, and Mr. Feliciano G. Calora, JR., Ph.D. as the president of BSU. In Philippines, we used “Ma’am” to call female teacher and “Sir” to call male teacher. Of course, i wasn’t call Mrs. Jingle but Ma’am Jingle. Actually, it was same. After that, we had simple tour to know the environment of BSU and took some pictures at BSU areas.

(We with the college officer, indluded Ma’am  Imelda and Ma’am. Jingle)


(Ma’am Jingle and Me)

We were surprised that there were our names in front of BSU main door.

(Banner of Welcome for us)

     After that, Ma’am Jingle took us to College of Teacher Education building. We were introduced to some officer of that college and met with Ma’am Imelda in her office. Next, we went to the BSU president’s room to met him. Sir Feliciano very welcome to us.

            In the afternoon, we were given id-card, an invitation card to join on the welcoming programe, and banana with caramel (I forgot its name hehehehe maybe like Piscok in Indonesia) and a drink of bottle, also the important information about the welcoming program in CTE Function Hall. Then, we went to BSU library. The librarian gave information about the library and their facilities. I also read some books in there. I found a lot of minithesis in there and it remembered me that I already in the last year of my graduate.

(In the BSU Library for The first time)

            After that we went to our dorm (Guest House) and prepared for welcoming program.  At 4.00 a.m, we went to CTE Function Hall. All of us wore batik, we thought that batik was icon of Indonesia. The welcoming program was attended by some teacher of Elementary Laboratory School (ELS) and Secondary Laboratory School (SLS) and the members of College of Teacher Education-Student Government (CTE-SG). I was nervous because I had to introduce my self in front of all of them. Then, we got some booklets of BSU and some souvenir.

            We got some information about CTE-Student Government from Arnel A. Andeloy as Governor of CTE-SG. This is the CTE-SG structure. Next, we had early dinner. The last one we were introduced to our own buddies and mentors. The name of my mentor was Mrs. Rosemarie P. Daytec. My buddies were Kilayon and Hazel. Jannie June Kilayon was a student of Pysical Sciences Education major and Hazel Joy B. Tacudog from Math Education major. They were humble and friendly. They accompanied me to BSU-SLS and they shared about BSU and SLS.

(Kilayon, Me, and Hazel)

     Then, we and another buddies of my friends ate pancake together. The pancake was big and so cheap i thought, just PHP 15 until PHP 20 or round about Rp.6.000,00. We told and laughed each other. It was so fun. And like the last night, we cooked and ate together.

(The second dinner with my new family)

I think it’s my story. Les’t read my next story. You can watch this video, so you don’t just imagine my story. But i think, it isn’t good video because i took some videos by my phone with limit memory space. Hehehe Maraming salamat!

Let’s Get to Know


August 5, 2018. I got up from my bed. Some my friends were surprised because they didn’t know that i was at guest house. There were seven female students in our bedroom and three male students in other room, so there were ten students. After that, I took a bath and went to market with my friends. The market closed to BSU. We walked to go there.

(We went to market)

I saw the beautiful view. Actually, we were in foot of mountain. It was amazing view.

(can you see my cute face? hehehehe)

And are you know, guys?

So, I will to inform you that in Philippines, we have to keep right when we walk. Yeah, it’s different with rules for Indonesian walker. In Indonesia, we must to keep left. Sometimes I was wrong. When we walked in the BSU road, and suddenly there was a car cross and i keep left. Oh no… I forgot hehehe, but I was okay. No accident so you don’t worry. Hehehe.

Benguet State University


(You are in Philippines, not in Indonesia. Remember it! Hehehe)

Sometimes I took a pictures in BSU areas. My first favorite area is college area of arts and sciences. Because I like drawing or other arts and there were yellow flowers around BSU areas. So I like it…


(Yellow lover. Hehehehe)

There were placard with nice quotes around the BSU areas. For example like this.


(One of the nice qoutes around the BSU areas)

In the night, we coooked together for our dinner (first dinner from me because I came late). We shared our food that we brought from our own city.

(Cooking cooking trulalala…)

(Rice, fried rice, vegetables, “ikan Ical”, and “ ikan Fiqih”. Ikan Ical was food from Risal, and ikan Fiqih was food from Fiqih.)

Day of Flight

Soekarno-Hatta International AirportFriday, August 3, 2018. My journey began. I will go to Philippines with two other students from Falucty of Teacher Training and Education, Sebelas Maret University (UNS). They were Rista Tiana from Primary School Education Major and Ristya Cahyani from Economics Education Major. We were scheduled to fly at 6.10 a.m from Adi Soemarmo Airport (Surakarta) to Jakarta. My parents drove me to the airport. Rista, Ristya, and their parents already arrived in the airport. Our parent were crying because it was our first time to go to overseas. Ouchh… my tears couldn’t be absolved. I wasn’t  ready to leave my parents.

(We and our parents in Adi Soemarmo Airport, Surakarta)

When we already checked in, suddenly there was a announcement that our flight was delayed. Oh my god. We were afraid if we would be late for the next flight because we had to go from Jakarta to Malaysia at 11.10 a.m. (FYI, we would transit in Malaysia). Our first flight was delayed for 2 hours. We thought that we wouldn’t be late. But, our flight was delayed for one hour again. Finally, at 9.15 a.m. we took off, and we knew that we would be late.

(Our flight schedule)

We arrived at Terminal 1, Soekarno-Hatta Airport at 10.50 a.m. but, we had to go to Terminal 3 (International Departure)  to check in. Before that, we had to take our baggage. When we arrived at Terminal 3, we saw that our plane departure. Oh my God, we were be late. We were so sad. Then, we contacted our coordinator of UNS, Mrs. Nurma and also contacted Mrs. Imelda. Then, we had to reschedule our flight. We would go on the next day.

(New Schedule)

So, we slept at the airport. Oh… be strong girls. But, don’t worry. We met with someone from Malaysia, she was Mrs. Anna. She like our mom for our journey from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. She was panic when we told her about our problem. We had a new bad news that our names weren’t on the passenger list of MH726. What the hell !! Hehehehehe… But, we already finished our problems before our departure. We took off at  04.25 a.m and arrived at 07.25 a.m. in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

(I, Ristya, Ristya, and Mrs. Anna)

Then, we went on a journey from Kuala Lumpur to Manila. We arrived in Ninoy Aquino Intenational Airport at 2.05 p.m., August 4, 2018. Mrs. Eduardo was waiting for us. And then, we ate burger KFC in SM Mall of Asia. After that, I was so sleepy, so I slept for few hours on the way. I was awakened from my sleep to dinner at Max’s Restaurant. We ate chicken sisig. The taste of chicken sisig was very delicious. Yummy…. Very tasty!

(Chicken sisig)

Then, I slept on the way from Manila to BSU and we arrived in guest house of BSU at 1.45 a.m, August 5, 2018. That was time that all of students from Indonesia were sleeping.

Oh.. It was a long journey, but this was brief stories. If you want to know about detail stories you can ask me or you can meet me in UNS. I will tell you about the detail stories. Hehehehe…



             Starting from a dream and it becomes a reality now. When I was in elementary school, I learned about ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). ASEAN was founded on 8 August 1967 with five members: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. From that lesson, I got to know a few things about southeast countries and I wanted to go to overseas.

        Last semester (3 rd year of college), I followed the SEA teacher selection, but I did’t get away. Then, I tried again on Batch 6 th. Alhamdulillah, I got a opportunity to go to Philippines for students exchange.

             I will tell you a little bit about my selection process. First step, I collected my curriculum vitae to the Head of Mathematics Education Major. I didn’t expect more that I’d get away with it. But suddenly, I received information that I had to follow an interview with SEA teacher coordinator of my college. So the second step, I am interviewed by Mrs. Nurma Yunita Indriyanti as coordinator. The interview went well though I was very nervous. I was waiting for the announcement who would pass SEA teacher project. And tralalalalalala…. My name exist in the list of names would follow SEA teacher project. There ware six students from my university who will join on students exchange.


(The announcement)

      Based on the announcement, I knew that I will go to Philippines and Benguet State University (BSU) was a university that will accept me. Oh, it was surprising. The next step, I had to prepare all the things which were needed, including passport, insurance, etc.

          There were some activities which were followed by me. There were interview with Mrs. Imelda G. Parcasio (the Dean of College of Teacher Education in BSU). But, she didn’t call me by Whatsapp because she had a bad connection, and then she asked me to send a self-introduction video.

        We also had meeting before our depature with our Dean, Prof. Dr. Joko Nurkamto, M.Pd.

(Mrs. Nurma, Me, Ristya, Fadli, Satri Aji, Lisa, Rista, Mr. Joko)

That was my brief stories before I will go to Philippines.