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August 5, 2018. I got up from my bed. Some my friends were surprised because they didn’t know that i was at guest house. There were seven female students in our bedroom and three male students in other room, so there were ten students. After that, I took a bath and went to market with my friends. The market closed to BSU. We walked to go there.

(We went to market)

I saw the beautiful view. Actually, we were in foot of mountain. It was amazing view.

(can you see my cute face? hehehehe)

And are you know, guys?

So, I will to inform you that in Philippines, we have to keep right when we walk. Yeah, it’s different with rules for Indonesian walker. In Indonesia, we must to keep left. Sometimes I was wrong. When we walked in the BSU road, and suddenly there was a car cross and i keep left. Oh no… I forgot hehehe, but I was okay. No accident so you don’t worry. Hehehe.

Benguet State University


(You are in Philippines, not in Indonesia. Remember it! Hehehe)

Sometimes I took a pictures in BSU areas. My first favorite area is college area of arts and sciences. Because I like drawing or other arts and there were yellow flowers around BSU areas. So I like it…


(Yellow lover. Hehehehe)

There were placard with nice quotes around the BSU areas. For example like this.


(One of the nice qoutes around the BSU areas)

In the night, we coooked together for our dinner (first dinner from me because I came late). We shared our food that we brought from our own city.

(Cooking cooking trulalala…)

(Rice, fried rice, vegetables, “ikan Ical”, and “ ikan Fiqih”. Ikan Ical was food from Risal, and ikan Fiqih was food from Fiqih.)

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