Warm Feeling on Cold Day


         Wednesday, August 8, 2018. This was my second observation. Like usually, every morning we join on flag ceremony. The flag ceremony was hold at Basketball Field because was raining on that morning.

(The flag ceremony at Basketball Area)

     We hadn’t breakfast yet, but Karn (Andyta’s buddy) gave graham cake with banana topping for us. Alhamdulillah.


(Graham Cake from Karn)

        That day, I will observed three classes, they were 9-3, 9-2, and 8-2. At 8.45 a.m. I and Ma’am Rose went to grade 9-3. She was a adviser of grade 9-3. So, in the first meeting, Ma’am Rose and the students chose the classroom officers, planned classroom rules and regulations. Classroom officers included: president, vice president, secretary, monitor, treasurer, auditor, PIO (Public Information Officer), SGT-at arms, and business manager. The selection of the classroom officers was very fun. First, they chose who will be the president. There were three candidates. They presented their own self without designed to be president. The excellent students. The election was done by voting by raising hand. There were 45 students of grade 9-3. After that, Ma’am Rose and the students discussed about classroom rules and regulations included cleanliness, seat-plan, and project. And in the last, Ma’am Rose told about the subject of mathematics will be learning. I think, she was doing the function of adviser perfectly. She was my inspiration. Unch…

(The classroom officers of Grade 9-3)

        That day was rain. I felt cold but i was happy to waiting for the next observation. The next class was grade 9-2. The meeting was began with cleaning the class. Ma’am Rose was discipline teacher who have firmness. After that, she checked attendance and asked the president to spread the modules to the students. Ma’am Rose recalled the pass lesson, that was about linear equations. She gave two problems for warming up. For that example, the students knew that some equations have one solution but some equations have many solutions.

       Next, the students were given a activity to solve some problem of linear equation. That was to find the value of the variable. Ma’am Roes provided individual assistance for them who need it. She explained clearly. I found the inspiring teaching strategy from Ma’am Rose. That was some of steps of the solution of a problem was made to be a quiz. So the students will be active to answer that and interest to get maximum score. It made the meeting to be meaningful learning. In the last meeting, the students were given some assignment. Ma’am Rose always asked to students if they had some questions or problems.

(Grade 9-2)

Okay let’s continue with the next observation.

         The next observation was in grade 8-2. The class was noisy when I and Ma’am Rose came. We saw that there are rubbishes on back of the class. Ma’am Rose asked the student to put all of papers in the floor and asked the president and vice president to clean the rubbish until empty. Actually, there was cleanliness schedule, because I saw there was dirt fighters table on the wall of class. Next Ma’am Rose recalled about the last lesson and began to teach FOIL method with using the module. The students tried to solve the problems on the module concerned the subject. It was as their activity. Ma’am Rose provided individual assistance for them who have problem. Like usually, their answers were checked by their classmate on beside them and the score based on Ma’am Rose, of course.

(The president and vice president of Grade 9-2 cleaned the rubbish)

(Ma’am Rose provided individual assistance)

       At the evening, some buddies were on our dorm. Some of them helped my friend to make lesson plan, and some of them cooked with us for our dinner. Frankie and Karn showed to us how to cook dynamite. It was so simple. Just removed the seeds of chili and put some cheeses inside it. Then, wrap in lumpia wrapped to form spring rolls and deep fried until golden brown. I thought, it was so spicy because we will eat the big chili. But, when we ate it, the taste was so delicious, not spicy even i added spicy sauce from Indonesia. I will try to cook dynamite in Indonesia.

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