MATH ART ( Mathematics with Art)

        Thursday, August 9, 2018. This was my third observation. Like usually, every morning we joined on flag ceremony. That day, I will observed three classes, they were 8-3, 9-3, and 9-2. At 7.45 a.m. I and Ma’am Rose went to grade 8-3. That was my first time to observe grade 8-3. I thought that they were more quite that students of grade 8-3. The class was began with checking assignment. Ma’am Rose asked some volunteers to wrote their answer in the board. They were six students who being volunteers. Mostly volunteers had correct answers. Ma’am Rose gave a point for volunteers and students why can found the error solution and repaired it correctly. Checking always done by seatmate. The topic was “Special Product”. Ma’am Rose stimulated students for being active student. Some student can understood but some student looked confused. I thought that was normal because they had difference capacity to learn mat and difference thought process. In the last, students were given seven minutes to make squares and cubes art with the description. And surprised… I was asked to check their arts. They were so creative.

(Square and cubic robots)

(Rabbit with a carrot)

(Math Instinct)

(It was so funny. Hehehehe)

       I observed grade 9-3 after I checked all of the arts assignment. There were 38 students in that class. I spent 45 minutes for checking it, so I was late in grade 9-3. But it was no problem for my mentor. I knew that students of grade 9-3 learned about solving quadratic equations and they had a assignment before the class done. Rain was falling again. So cold.

      Hazel accompanied me to observe in the last class. It was grade 9-2. Like usually, the meeting was began by routine activities: greeting, checking attendance and assignment. Students was very active to discuss the assignment. The topic on that day was “Factoring”. Students were given some problems for their activity and Ma’am Rose was monitoring and helping some of them who had a problem. I also saw the firmness of Ma’am Rose when the time was finished and students had to check their answer.

         After that, I wrote my story on my blog because there was Wi-fi in SLS and no connection in our dorm. Yes, I thought that our dorm had bad connection. Hehehe. I can use my phone to chatting or browsing if I was in my bedroom. But in SLS, the Wi-fi was not speed. So, I set mind on write my story on Ms. Word first and I will upload if my connection is already sustained.

          In the evening, some buddies were on our dorm. they helped us to make lesson plan because we will teach on next week.

OK, thanks for reading my story. Let’s show this video.


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