The Heavy Rain and Strong Wind

         Saturday, August 11, 2018. Magandang umaga. That was our holiday in Benguet and we with Ma’am Jingle and the buddies planned to tour in Baguio but it was cancelled because the heavy rain and strong wind can’t stop. I wanted to see the rain, but when I wanted to open the door. Unfortunately, I saw my umbrella broke.

(My pity umbrella)

        We decided to stay in our dorm. In the afternoon, Ma’am Jingle and Kuya William came and brought rice for us. We can’t buy rice because the weather. We cooked some foods and had a dinner together. After that, Ma’am Jingle checked our lesson plan for practice teaching. We shared about the step to make a lesson plan each other and slept with heavy rain in outside. We also shared our own story each other.

(The night with lesson plan… Fighting Andyta)

         Sunday, August 12, 2018. The rain didn’t stop. I felt very cold. We knew that La Trinidad, Benguet, had two seasons. They were dry and wet seasons. The dry season was from November to April while the wet season occurred during the rest of the year. The rainiest month was on August, so that why the rain always accompanied us in Benguet. Hehehe… I made a cup of coffee and ate a bread in the morning. We were still busy with our lesson plan. My friends made a semi detail lesson plan for first practice teaching. But for me, Ma’am Rose asked me to make lesson plan based on Indonesian format. We had a problem with the internet connection. Actually, we needed internet connection to search some references for making lesson plan.

       In the evening, we went to grocery.

(Happy rainy)

       Ma’am Jingle and her husband visited to our dorm and brought some foods. We ate together. Suddenly,  I got a message from Ma’am Imelda that the classes were suspended because was estimated that there was typhoon. I confirmed the news to M’am Jingle. Right, the classes were suspended. We watched a breaking news on television. There were actual news about the weather in Philippines. The class suspension was sowed on television also. So, if there was bad weather or typhoon, the Philippines government made policy to suspend the all level of school in related areas, included Benguet. I saw that was flooded in Pangasinan, Philippines. We prayed for the better weather in Philippines and Allah always protected us.

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