Maligayang Araw Ng Kalayan, Indonesia

       Thursday, August 16, 2018. Yeay, Finally, we came back to SLS. Ma’am Rose would handle the classes on that day and I would observe again. For the first class was grade 8-3. There was announcement and project for student. It was about the prohibition of using cellular phones by students. So, the project was “Monitoring SLS Students Use of Cellular Phone”. Ma’am Rose gave a memorandum related it. She asked the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer of that class to monitoring their friends. She also explained about the advantages and disadvantages of cellular phone use. Since then, I would also give good example by not using my phone too often. Then, they checked the last assignment an continued with the next topic. It was about the sum and difference of two cubes. Ma’am always gave assessment to students, but for the assignment, it depended on situation and the topic.

            In grade 9-3, Ma’am Rose gave the memorandum also and continued the lesson about quadratic equations. The last class was grade 9-2.  They had same topic with grade 9-2. I paid full attention to what Rose taught, because I would continue the topic. After the classes finished. I told Ma’am Rose that we had early Indonesia’s Independence Day celebration at 3.00 p.m. She congratulated us for it. So I came back to our dorm earlier. I had my brunch. So hungry. I couldn’t manage my time for breakfast on time.

(My brunch menus)

Jrengggg… Jrenggg…

          We would celebrate our independence day in CTE Function Hall. I never thought that I could celebrate our independence day in Philippines and I thought that I would just see my friend’s pictures on Instagram about our independence day. I was very  thankful to Ma’am Imelda, Ma’am Janet, Ma’am Jingle, and the buddies who facilitated us to the celebration.

       We had a simple ceremony for our celebration. We sang “Indonesia Raya”, “Hari Merdeka”, and “Syukur”. Very thankful to Allah.

(Philippines and Indonesia flags)

(Happy Independence day)

(Independence Day Video)

            In the night, I fixed my lesson plan and made presentation for the next day. I Would teach four classes on Friday. Fighting.



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