Keep Warm in Benguet

       Monday, August 13, 2018. I was late to wake up. The rain made me enjoy on my bed. I heard from Ristya that the temperature was 16 degrees. That why I felt cold. I used double blanket, thick jacket, and sock when I slept. We cooked “seblak” for our brunch. I sent a message to Ma’am Rose, because we had to discuss about our previous plan for my practice teaching. She suggested that I still stayed on our plan. We planed that I had to teach “Factoring difference types of polynomials completely using common monomial factor, grouping, difference of two cubes, sum and difference of two cubes” for grade 8 and “Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring” for grade 9.

          In the evening, Ma’am Jingle and Kuya William came in our dorm. They would cook “Chicken Tinola”. The ingredients were chicken, moringa leaves (Kelor), chayote, onion, garlic, ginger, water, Knorr (like Royco), and olive oil. Next, we ate together. That was my first time to eat moringa. I just knew that moringa was very useful for our body because my father drunk medicine from moringa and I knew that moringa was very mystic uses in my village. I heard that it could drive away ghosts and was used to wash corpse. Hihihi.. So scary. Hehehehe… But the taste of moringa was delicious, not scary as the scary stories. The chicken tinola was my favorite food because it was not too sour.

(Dinner with Chicken Tinola)

        Tuesday, August 14, 2018. Last night I slept too late. I woke up at 8:00 a.m and then I continued my sleep. Hehehe…Yes.. The classes were suspended again because of heavy rain and strong winds hadn’t stop. Ma’am Imelda came and brought “Pandesal” cake for us.  In the noon, I and Rina cooked “egg and noodles omelet” for breakfast… (But we should have lunch) It was no problem.

      Suddenly, I saw Frankie stood in front of the door. Then, I opened the door and let him enter. Frankie brought us several fruits. They were bananas, apples, and dragon fruits. He didn’t forget to bring a container of milk. He made fruit salad for us. Very yummy… We rarely ate fruit while here. Hehehe… Next, we learned pat bits.

     In the afternoon, ma’am jingle came to our dorm. Yes, we planed to meet the SLS principal and then order a BSU jacket. I, Fiqih, Ika, Rista, Ristya, and Ma’am Jingle met with Ma’am Brenda and asked permission that we would hold a flag ceremony to commemorate the independence of our country, Indonesia. We would use the SLS field for the event. Ma’am Brenda allowed for that and suggested to use CTE Function Hall if there was rain on the time. Ma’am Jingle helped us to borrow Indonesian flag in the Administration Building.

       Next, we went to the tailor. We were shown several examples of BSU jacket designs. We were confused to choose the color and design. After discussion, we got the model and color according to our wishes. Then one by one of us was measured for making the jacket. We would make a jacket with a BSU logo and Sea Teacher on the back, an Indonesian flag on the right side of our chest, and a Philippines flag on the other side, and add our own name. The tailor really remembered my name, because it was the shortest among my friends name. Hehehe.. After that, I, Rista, Ika, and Ristya wanted to go to Tiong San. Ma’am jingle accompanied us, but Fiqih came back to the dorm. We went to Tiong San by jeepney. It was my first time for riding a jeepney. We took some pictures in the jeepney. Unfortunately, my head was dizzy. I was not used to riding public transportation or car. Hehehe. I the Tiong San, we saw some clothes, and we found a jacket with a cheap price on the second floor. Apparently, Kuya William followed us to Tiong San. I bought a cream jacket. After that, we returned to the first floor to meet Ika.

       I was getting dizzy and Kuya accompanied me to buy hot drink. I was taken to McDo and I bought McCafe. The price of McCafe is 29 pesos which was approximately equivalent to Rp. 8,500. Then, we go back to the dorm by jeepney again. I held my belly. Luckily, I wasn’t unconscious in the jeepney. We arrived at the dorm at 7:00 p.m. And then we cooked and had dinner together. In the night,  I read my lesson plan and drew something to warm my body. Hehehehe. I also wrote a poem. I posted it on Facebook.

(My dinner menus)

 (My drawing)

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