What I See, I Remember.

       Wednesday, August 15, 2018. The classes were suspended again for all level schools, except the college. So, we were gotten activity in Collage of Teacher Education (CTE). We would join on three classes in college. They are Ma’am Lolit’s class, Ma’am Jingle’s class, and Ma’am Imelda’s class.

         At 10.00 a.m, we joined on Ma’am Lolit’s class. It was English Education major’s class. The students of English Education had a practice teaching also. We observed them. The student who taught was Miss Arlene Ablaza Bantasan. She was helped by her group to prepare the manila paper. They often used manila paper to convey the learning.  Miss Arlene told about Gerund. She gave a poem for students.

(The poem for gerund topic)

         I thought that it like micro teaching in my college that we had to practice teaching in our college with our friends as the students. After that we would practice in other school. Yes. In CTE-BSU also like that.

        The second observation was in Ma’am Jingle class. It was Mathematics Education major. Same with the previous class. It was teaching demonstration section. We joined to be the students and play a game for learning activity. The topic was polynomial, like my topic with Ma’am Rose in SLS. They used fun game. I thought, they chose effective learning media for improving the students activity. So, we were divided into four groups. Then we had to answers some questions about polynomial. In the last game, they used circle spinner with some questions, ‘SPIN’ word, and ‘SORRY’ word.  If the group got ‘SPIN’, they would spin the circle again.

(Math Education’s class)

Next, my friends and the buddies went to market, while I and Herman came back to our dorm to cook rice first. They bought some vegetables and milk fish. Philippines called milk fish as ‘Bangus’, and we called it as ‘Bandeng Basah’. Then, Frankie cooked ‘Sinigang na Bangus’ for us, while we cooked noodles and omelet. I thought that ‘Sinigang na Bangus’ was like ‘Sayur Asem’ with ‘Bandeng’ and ‘Kangkung’. They called kale with ‘Kangkong’. Kangkong and kangkung sounded similar. Hehehe…

(Milk fish)

(Frankie and Jhau-Fei cooked Bangus)

(Our lunch menus)

            At 4.00 p.m. we joined on Ma’am Imelda’s class.  It was Social Education major, but the class was only for the students who would be graduated. The topic on that day was the difference of methods, strategies, and techniques and also learning knowledge. I got some important things from the class. The things were:

“Learning is an active process. Hands on, minds on. What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.”

“The more senses that are involved in a learning the more and the better the learning.”

“Use audio-visual gadgets, tools, and materials.”

“A non threatening atmosphere enhances learning.”

“Emotion has the power to increase retention and learning.”

“Learning is meaningful when this connected to students’s everyday life.”

“Good teaching goes beyond recall of information.”

“An integrated teaching approach is far more effective than teaching isolated bits of information.”

            The class was like recall their subject for in college before their graduation.Ma’am Imelda was a good teacher. She could make the students enjoy with the lesson. Sometimes, she was very expressive to explain the topics. I loved it. We finished the class at 6.00 p.m.

(Ma’am Imelda’s Class)

         Next, we went to ‘Talipapa’. We ate pancakes. I always chose pancake with milk and cheese.


(My lovely pancake)

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