Observation on Teacher

Planning for teaching

          The first step to plan for teaching is knowing the materials that we want to teach and what materials that the students have been learned. The teacher can follow the learning competency on ‘K to 12’ curriculum. So we can make the topic based on the curriculum, the students knowledge and their level of thinking.

          We should know their characteristic too so that we can find what kind of method and media learning suit the students, because students in this school have a unique characteristic or different background. The next step is making the lesson plan. Besides teaching mathematics, the teacher teaches about values education to students. The teacher give a simple discussion and motivation for student because mostly students had problems on math lesson. Mathematics learning was difficult for them.

Preparing lessons and materials

          The teachers use different kind of source of materials. Some of them prepare a worksheet, module, power point, it is based on the teachers type of teaching and what materials that the teachers what to discuss.

        For the teacher that I observed, she preparing a module for every chapter and more often using direct learning. So, the teacher don’t need to prepared a powerpoint. Actually, the students more understand if the teacher explain and write in board for the material, especially to present the solution of the problems because what they see, the remember and what they do, they understand.

Teaching in class

          The teacher always greets the students every entering the class, and the students will stand up and answer it together. The teacher always commands the students to fix their proper seating arrangement and clean the class. The teacher don’t check the attendance one by one because the attendance has been checked by secretary of the class. So, the teacher just asks secretary for it. The teacher do warming up or just straight to the topics. The teacher presents the lesson clearly and provides individual assistance for the student who need it. The teacher will give a more points to students who can present the correct solutions of the given problem and give a feedback to them for trying. In the end of the class, the teacher make generalization and  always asks to students if they have some questions or problems.

Measurement and evaluation

          There is a inspiring teaching strategy from the teacher. That is some of steps of the solution of a problem is make as a quiz. So, the students will be active to answer that and interest to get maximum score. It make the meeting to be meaningful learning.

        In the end of the class, the teacher can give the students assignment to get done and check it on the next meeting. So, that the teacher knows what they have understood already and what they don’t understand.

          The evaluation is done also by giving them chapter test and group games.


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