Pedagogical Contens

Teaching methods

          Most of the teacher use direct learning or expository to teach the students. Sometimes, the teacher do discussion or games together. In mathematics, students should try many kind of questions or problems so they know how to solve specific kind of problem. Some teachers think about doing warm up or review section before starting the class.

Learning materials and innovation

          The main learning materials are from books and module. For the innovation, the school puts some knowledge in the class and some places around the school, like put a banner about manner or motivation quotes.

(Inside the class)


Sources of learning and technology

          Sources of learning are books, module, worksheet, internet, and from laboratory experiment. Besides, for the technology, there is television set in every class. The SLS students also use the virtual library in BSU Library.

Authentic assessment

          The school holds examination for all the students of SLS at a time together just like mid term and final examinations.

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