Summary and Suggestions

Purposes of practicum

  • To develop student teacher effective teaching-learning skills, attitudes and values.
  • To provide opportunities for student teacher to practice the skills of teaching.
  • To implement our knowledge in different learning society and also different cultures.

Procedures of practicum

  • Orientation and Class Observation

     In this step, I observed their methods, materials, time management, sources of learning, etc in class during learning process.

       The teacher always does the routine activity: greeting, checking attendance, checking the students seat arrangement, reviewing and warming up. The teacher prepares a module for the learning media and explains the materials of the topic clearly. The teacher also give students a chance to solve the problem, give feedback, and individual assistance.

  • Create lesson plan and Teaching Assistant

Lesson plan made based on the curriculum and students characteristic.So that, we could choose the best materials, methods, and problem solving. Teaching assistant done by following the teacher and helped her to control the class.

  • Teaching in the Classroom

Teaching in the classroom done based on the lesson plan that have been made. Some of the students still didn’t understand what I explained because they have some problems in math.

Outcomes of practicum

  • For the students in Philippines

They get experience taught by foreigner teacher and know some knowledge of Indonesia.

  • For the teacher in Philippines

     They can exchange information about learning process, materials, topics, methods, etc with student teacher from different country.

  • For student teacher

          I can get new experiences for living in another country. I also get information about curriculum in Philippines, their lesson plan, materials, topics, assessment, learning sources, etc. I can take what is good during the learning process in school so that I can implement it when I become real teacher. Besides, I know some Philippines folk dance and how to cook Filipino foods. I am so interesting and proud be a part of sea-teacher, especially I was placed in Benguet State University.

The challenges of practicum

  • Language

Sometimes, the students didn’t understand about my explanation, maybe because we have little bit some differences pronunciation or I couldn’t pronounce it well.

  • Culture

          The second challenges is about culture. The different culture made us felt so different, especially about food. Thai people like to eat pork, so it was normal to always find pork in every restaurant. Most of Philippines food is so sour for me.

Overall impression

          I am really lucky to join this project, especially I was placed in Benguet State University. They gave me a whole new experience that I have never done before. The people are kind, caring, helpful, and willing to share knowledge about teaching and culture. The students at BSU-SLS are very enthusiastic and active in learning. They also love me well. After this project, I am interested in learning English more. I also want to go back to Benguet to meet my family there. All BSU parties related to this project treated me very well.

Suggestion for future improvement

  • For student teacher

The students teacher must be open minded when you are in a different environment. You also have to prepare material well in English, and other languages to anticipate if your students are not used to using English at their school.

  • For Seameo

The criteria of the blog writing needs to be clearer so that the student teachers are not confused about it.

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