Teaching Practice

Procedures of teaching

          Teaching process done based on the lesson plan that have been made. Controlling the class and the students is such an important thing. First, do the opening like greeting the students, reviewing, and warming up. Second, do the main activity based on what objectives learning that students should achieve. And last, do the closing like giving them generalization and assignment.

Time management and organizing activities

      I needed to adjust what I usually thought about time management because in Indonesia, Mathematics subject at least has 2 periods in a day for 45-50 minutes each period. So I should think about time management so that I could maximize the time well.

          I put 5 minutes for opening, 40 minutes for main activity, and last 5 minutes for closing.


           Sometimes, time is not enough for us to allow students to do several exercise. So, what to do is to focus on the how. The students need to learn how to solve the problem even if they don’t follow the procedure. Because without the procedures, they are helpless. Besides, we also need to review the basic of the math that related with our topic. We also need to provide a individual assistance for the student who need it.

         For my first practice teaching, I couldn’t finish my class based on my lesson plan because I didn’t have enough time. So, for parts that have not been showed because of the time, it can be use as a review material in the next lesson. The important thing is how students can understand with the topic, but it will be better if the lesson can be in accordance with what have planned.

         For mathematics subject, module is so important. It will show us, the teachers, how well the students understand about how to solve the problem and it can be an assessment or assignment too to evaluate the students progress.

          Not only giving module but giving more examples is also important for mathematics. So that the students know how to do the first step until they get the final solution. After giving example, students are given chance to try by themselves of what they get from the teacher and from the learning process.

Classroom management

          When the teacher explains, teacher can stand in front of the class and explain to the whole class using the board. When giving the students chance to try, teacher can ask some volunteers to present their solution in front of the class and give a point for the correct solutions.

          When the teacher gives activity, teacher can walk around the class to see their progress and make sure the students do their jobs. If some students ask, the teacher can answer directly and give them solution.


There are some lesson plan that I have made. You can see those in my menu: Yellow’s Stories -> Week of Practice. Every time when I teach, I attach it in my story.

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