Beautiful Moment with Grade 9-2

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 04:30 PM.

Let’s continue with my story.

I was curious because I didn’t know anything and I was the last teacher who was waited by them in Room 11.

“Hurry up Wiworo, we waited you for a long time.”, my friends said.

“Let’s go ma’am!”, a student said.

“What’s happen? Why? Why?”, I was confused.


        So… I, Risal, Ristya, Ika, and Andyta were the student teachers who practiced in grade 9-2. Tito (student of grade 9-2) and his friend guided us to enter the class. We were so curious because they closed the door with large fabric. I felt something because of it. I thought that I would cry.

“Astagfirullah… be strong. Don’t cry”, said me on my heart.

Jrenggggg…. Jrengggggg.

So supriceeeeed.

         They sang together with flashlight in their phone, because they turned off the lamp. One of them played guitar. We were speechless and started to cry.

“Argghhhhhhhmnhhsvebefsdsuefewbsghhsdhjbdewwdkjiekmfri…………….. Hiks.. Hiks…”

“Hiks… Hiks…”

(They sang a song for us)

           After that,the representative of them told some impressions for us. They gave a board with some notes for everyone of us. They also gave a special gift for us. It was pop-up box. We told some impressions for them. Then, they sang a song with ‘One Day’ tittle. We sang a song with ‘Sampai Jumpa’ tille. Ika and Risal sang a Philippines song. The last, we took a lot of pictures.





            Some students from other class also wanted to take a picture with us.  The president of grade 9-3 asked to take a picture with me also. I remember that I haven’t said good bay with grade 9-3.

            We come back to our dorm. Ma’am Jingle and Kuya William already came in the dorm. We had a personal evaluation with Ma’am Jingle about our final demo teaching.

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