Beautiful Places With Beautiful Memories in Baguio

          Saturday, August 18, 2018. Bbbbrr… So cold. Yeay, every day I felt cold. However, we had to wake up earlier because we had tour in Baguio with Ma’am Jingle, Kuya William, and our buddies. I was sad, because Hazel couldn’t accompany me. I contacted Kilayon lately, I was late to tell her that the bus would pick us up at 08.00 a.m. Then, Ma’am Jingle was calling her when we were on the way. So, Kilayon would come afterward. I was so sorry, Kilayon. Hiks.. Hiks.. She always updated her position. She hoped that I had to enjoy on our tour. Yes of course.

            On the way, I saw colorful place like ‘Kampung Warna’ in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Before I went to Philippines, I opened Google Maps to see the environment around BSU. I also searched about the destination. One of them was Valley of Colors. Finally I could see the real place, even tough just from our bus.

(Colourful Place)

       We arrived Baguio Botanical Garden. It was my first experience had tour with the rain. Hehehe.. But it was our quality time, so it OK for me. I still enjoyed with our tour. We brought umbrella (always) hehehe…

Do you remember with my umbrella guys?

         Yeay, I stayed on my poor umbrella. I just straightened my umbrella’s holder, so I could use it again hehehe. If the rain stopped, I closed my umbrella. We were very happy in the garden. It had natural views and so beautiful. We took some pictures. We were enjoyed with every moment.

(We were in Filipino-Chinese Friendship Garden in Baguio Botanical)

            Then, we went to The Mansion. The Mansion was the president’s house when the president went to Baguio.

Do you know? who is the president of Philippines?

I will show him to you. He is the president of Philippines on this period.

(Philippines President Rodrigo R. Duterte)

            We took some pictures in front of the Mansion building.

(The Mansion)

            The next detination was The Philippines Military Academy. We walked around the PMA buildings. Sometimes, suddenly the rain fell and stopped, and fell again hehehehe…

(In the Philippines Military Academy)

        Next, we came back the bus and had a late breakfast hehehe. Yeay Kuya William brought burger for us. Then, we would lunch in Habiebie Restaurant. I ate ‘Turkies Beef BBQ’ and Kilayon ate ‘emmm i forgot the name’. Soup with beef and kidney bean.

(Happy Familiy)

     After that, we went to Burnham Park. There were Rizal Monument between the restaurant and the Burnham Park. Rizal was one of Philippines hero, but Risal was pre-service teacher from Halu Oleo University. Hehehehe

       The last destination was Super Mall (SM) in Baguio. The ladies went to make up store, but I, Andyta, Doly, and Kilayon decided to buy food. We tasted ‘Crazy Crepes’ and Doncake. The taste of crazy crepes was very delicious. There ware ice cream inside and maggo as the toping. We couldn’t enjoy with our food in that place because we had to come back home. So fast. Hehehe

(Crazy Crepes)

       Okay, that’s my beautiful moments in Baguio with my family in Philippines. Thanks to our mama and papa, and all of the buddies, of course.

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