Bencab Museum | Fun Day Friday with Pinoy Fam

          Friday, August 24, 2018. I felt not good on that day. The rain stayed with us. We would go to Bencab Museum, not Tam Awan. Tam awan was outdoor place, so if would better if we went to indoor place because of the rain. At 8.00 a.m., we went to Bencab Museum with Frankie, Stephanie, Jhau Fei, Jullian, Ma’am Jingle, Ma’am Dona, and Kuya William. We used jeepney. I drunk my medicine before, so I was sleepy on the jeepney.

          We arrived at 09.30 a.m. and I was glad because I loved the place. There were so many painting arts and other arts in there. The Bencab tour guide accompanied us to around the museum and gave us the information of the arts. Bencab is the name of the artist….. I took some pictures of course.

 (Funny idea)

(Happy Family)

            After that, we had lunch in Healthy 101 Restaurant, except Fiqih, Herman, and Risal. They had to pray in the mosque. I ordered a menu, but I forgot the name. Hehehe. I just remembered the taste. It was very very very delicious. It was most delicious food that I had eaten in Philippines.


            In the evening, I, Stephanie, and Jhau Fei made some brecelets. I brought a lot of strings for it. Meanwhile, Frankie and my friend cooked for our dinner. Unfortunately, they needed ‘sinigang’ for the food. Then, I and Jordan were looking for it in Talipapa. I saw a beautiful view.

(The beautiful view in the quiet night)

          We had a dinner together and then, the buddies came back to their own house. We were so thankful that we had them. Our sister and our brother. They always helped us and gave us information about BSU, and about Philippines of course. They taught us for cooking, singing, dancing, etc. I was thankful to Allah who gave me that opportunity.


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