Closing Program but Didn’t Close The Stories

              Thursday, August 30, 2018. Hello my world. I was so busy in the morning. I finished to check assignment and made some list scores. I would give it to Ma’am Rose. I also finised my drawing for Ma’am Rose. After that, we prepared for our performance. Yeah, we had a farewell party on Strawberry Farm at 10:00 AM. I didn’t use my ‘Kebaya’ because I would dance ‘Yamko Rambe Yamko’ with Andyta, Fiqih, and Risal. Actually, we would make costum from ropes, but we didn’t get it. So we decided t us our new jacket. We looked like Asian Games Athletes. Hehehe we drew Indonesian flag on our cheeks by lipstick and tooth paste. So creative!

              We saw some performances, First, the BSU choir group sang Indonesian Song. It was ‘Sik Sik Sibatumanikam’ from North Sumatra.

(Sik Sik Sibatumanikam)

After that, Herman and Ika danced Banjarmasin dance. The next was ‘Soyong’ dance by Putri, Ristya, Rina, and Rista.

“Wiworo, why didn’t you join with them to dance”, said Ma’am Jingle.

“We had another dance, Ma’am. Hehehe..”, I answered.

Finally, it was my time. Andyta, Risal, Fiqih, and me showed ‘Yamko Rambe Yamko’ creation dance.

               After that we sang Indonesia Raya (Indonesian National Anthem), Indonesia Pusaka, dan Lupang Hirang (Philippines National Anthem). We and the buddies also danced ‘Tiklos’ together. The teacher of CTE also sang Indonesian song. It was ‘Si Patokaan’ song from North Sulawesi and one song about say good bye.

(Si Patokaan)

            We cried when Ma’am Jingle told about us, gave some impressions, and said good bye to us. We got some souvenirs and certificate from BSU.


                After that we had lunch together. I told Ma’am Rose that I would meet her again in SLS at 4.15 p.m.  Next, we went to Ma’am Imelda’s office for taking our university documents. Then we came back to dorm for packing our things in baggage.

         I met with Ma’am Rose in her office. I gave all the assignment and a souvenir. Hazel came and met us. Then, I took some pictures with Ma’am Rose for the first time. Hehehe.. I was so lucky for getting M’am Rose as my mentor. She learnt me more things about teaching in math. She was kind, humble, and beautiful teacher.

(Ma’am Rose and Me)

               Then, I met with grade 8-1 students in their class. We took some pictures. I said god bye and thanks for them. Some of them hugged me and I knew that we were on same sense. So sad. I didn’t know why I felt so hurt to leave them. They felt that it was so fast for us.

                Actually, I didn’t finish my pack, but I wanted to spend my short time with Hazel. I asked permisson with Ma’am Jingle by SMS. I dediced to join with my students. So, I, Hazel, and some students of grade 8-1. (Actually I want to have quality time with all of students, maybe hiking or camping. Hiks..Hiks…)

                Zooey, Lorelei, Bless, Karyl, and Honey were the grade 8-1 students that went to Tiong San with us. We just had a very short time until 6.00 p.m. They suggest us to taste ‘Infinity Tea’. So we drunk it. We were drawing together in there. We also met another students of grade 8-1. They were Lamuel, Enrico, and John.


                We used a jeepney and one by one of us got off the jeepney. I and Hazel came back to the dorm. I continued for packing. Some buddies helped us for it and some others cooked for our dinner. We had a sweet farewell party in the Boy’s Room with the buddies, but not all buddies were there. We talked about our impression, gratitude, and apology. We were so thank you to the buddies for all of things that the given. We were a family. We loved each other. In the last moment, they sang a song. It was ‘Thank You Once Again’ song.

(‘Thank You Once Again’)

                We had a last dinner with ‘Tinola’ and fried chicken.Then Ma’am Imelda and Ma’am Janet came to say good bye. Then, two vans came and the moment came. We really left Benguet with the kindly people. I really really speechless. I was not ready to leave. I decided to sleep during the Benguet-Manila trip while hugging a teddy bear from my student.

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