Let’s Dance Together

            Saturday, August 25, 2018. In the morning, I made a lesson plan for my last day practice teaching and for my final demo teaching of course. In the afternoon, we had to practice dance with teacher of Elementary Laboratory School (ELS). She was Ma’am Rowena Mamangon. We practiced in room 115 of CTE. Frankie also accompanied us. Ma’am Rowena taught folk dance. There were ten basic steps of folk dance. They were walty, lateral-hand, forearm, kumintan, hop, point or touch, hayon-hayon, brush, fundamental-hand, and saludo.

(We practiced dance)

 (Video yo rapopoooo)

             Then we learnt ‘Tiklos’ dance. Actually, we already learnt it with our buddies, so we had a fast learn with Ma’am Rowena. Hehehehe

(After practiced dance)

           We came back to dorm at 5.00 p.m. Ma’am Jingle and Kuya William brought some foods for us. It was macaroni soup. So delicious. I ate it and combined with valley bread. Thank you so much mama and papa.

After that, we took some pictures on our dining room because we knew that we would come back to Indonesia soon.

(Quality time)

(Funny pose)

(Cute pose)

Yeay.. Stay on my story guys!




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