Mang Inasal, Straberry Farm, Jolibee

Wednesday, August 29, 2018.

Knock Knock Knock Knock

        Omoo… Jhau Fei came with her friends. Jhau Fei shocked because there was nobody in Room 11, except me.


           I acquainted with students of English Education Major and let them to enter the room. I told that I didn’t finish my blog and leave my laptop in our dorm.

“How about the other? Where are they?”, said Jhau Fei. The other friends stayed in the dorm. After that, they helped me to check the assignment.

           Rina, Jessy, and, Marialyn came and asked me to join with them. They wanted to eat. They knew that I haven’t eaten since the morning. I didn’t want to leave my assignment and the students of English Education Major but they suggested me to eat first.

               Then, we went to Tiong San. We ate ‘Mang Inasal’. I really loved it. I had unlimited rises. Uhhhh… so happy.

         My friend who once went to Philippines gave me a suggestion to taste ‘Mang Inasal’ and I tried it in the last two days in Philippines. I liked the tea iced with gulaman (jelly). I was so full after that. I bought some cake for the English students and back to SLS.

              I met they stayed in Room 11, but I left them again to meet with Ma’am Rose. Then, I had a evaluation with Ma’am Rose.  She asked some questions based on the SEAMEO evaluation form. We told about some problems in math and education. We had some problems in math, that some students didn’t remember the basic on math. So, we need to provide individual assistance for them but sometimes we would support and press them. About the motivation part in our lesson plan, it was better that we could connect the topic with student’s real life. We discussed it, because I had difficulty to connect some topic on math with the real life. Some students needed it, because some students would think ‘I don’t need to learn (for example) factoring of polynomials. I didn’t use it in my life” like that. But some students didin’t need the explanation about it. Ma’am Rose hoped that I would continue on teaching. I was surprised, because I didn’t have more plan after my graduation. Actually, I wanted to learn in art major. Hehehehe…

             After that, I met Kilayon in Room 11 but the English Major students had left the room. I was sad because I haven’t say thank you for them.

Thank you very much my friends. (Special for Jhau Fei, Jake, Noel, Arlene, Eulibeth)

       We came back to the dorm and mostly of us went to Strawberry Farm.

(Strawberry Farm)

           At 6:30 PM we came back to the dorm because we had a dicussion with Ma’am Jingle. We discussion about Sea-Teacher Project and some things about the project in Bsu because we were the first sea-teacher batch for BSU. Yeayy…. Over all, we had good impressions to BSU. Then, We went to Jollibee for our dinner because we think that THE TIME WAS VERY FAST  for us to stay in Benguet.


                We practiced dance before we slept, because our farewell party day so closer.

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