Memories in CTE-BSU

        Thursday, August 23, 2018. Happy long holiday. Yeay… We were no class in SLS until my final demo teaching on August 28. However, we had some activities with CTE student in CTE building. We went to CTE at 09.00 a.m. and met with CTE students. We started with gym of zumba by Jessyca as the leader and aerobic by Fiqih as the leader. We were so sweated and tired, but very happy. Then, we played a game with CTE students, and learnt the American Pronunciation with English Major students.

       In the afternoon, we ate pinikpikan together. I thought that mostly Philippines foods were so sour for me, but the chicken was very delicious. I got a heart and a liver (yeayyyyy) of chicken. Hehehehe


            After that, we came back to our dorm for praying and back to CTE again. We learnt ‘Cha-Cha’ dance and ‘Tiklos’ dance. We also taught Indonesian dance to them. At the moment, Andyta had new idea for our performance on farewell party. Actually, Herman and Ika would dance Banjarmasin dance, and then I, Rista, Ristya, Putri, Rina, and Andyta would dance ‘Soyong’ dance. We already practiced it the last night, but we always laughed when Andyta and me wiggled our hip. Hehehe. So, Andyta had a good idea. It was that we would dance with Risal and Fiqih. That was good idea. We was looking for Indonesian dance that we could do it. We also met with Nelson for the second time. Nelson was BSU student from Timor Leste, but he could speak in Bahasa because one of his parent from NTB, Indonesia.

(We learnt some dance)

(BSU student from Timor Leste, Nelson)

            For the last, we were dancing a Philippines folk dance. It was ‘Bendian’ dance. Karn guided us. We came back to our dorm at 5.00 p.m for praying. We ate pinikpikan again for our dinner and slept earlier because we had tour to Tam-awan Village.

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