My First Day for Practice Teaching in SLS

       Friday, August 17, 2018. I woke up earlier, took a bath, and went to SLS. I gave two copies of the lesson plans to Ma’am Rose after the flag ceremony was over. The topic of grade 8 was factoring while for grade 9 was solving quadratic equations by factoring.

      The first class is grade 9-3. The students always stood and greeted when the teacher came. Ma’am Rose told them that I would hold their class for that day. Well, I was getting nervous in front of students, but I could handle it right away. I remember Ma’am Rose’s advice that I could treat them like students in Indonesia. Even though, I felt that they was smarter on English than me. Hehehe… I started for preparing my presentation. A student and Ma’am Rose helped pair the projector.

        Bismillah… I started with routine activities in the classroom, ranging from greeting students, checking attendance, and recalling past lesson through the PowerPoint that I made. Only a few students were able to respond or answer my questions correctly. I thought that I would spend my time if students had trouble to remember the past lesson. I was keep calm and tried to remind the past lesson. Finally, I could teach the material that I had prepared. I tried to encourage students to be active through my questions. In team work activities, I asked students to solve some problems. I gave time limits to them for solving it. However, I guessed that I would not able to do learning based on my lesson plan. Therefore, I decided to discuss some problems. I hoped that they would understand and can solve the other problems. I gave them an opportunity to ask if they didn’t understand, but they preferred to ask personally. For me, that wasn’t matter. I tried to help some students who had difficulties. They hadn’t completed their worksheets until the time was almost complete. I decided to make those problems to be assignment. Class was over. Thanks to Allah.. Eit …Let’s breath and continue in the next class. Hehehe

        The next class was grade 8-2. The room was right next to grade 9-3. Yes, it felt like I wasn’t finished exhaling, I had to fight again. Hehehehe

        In grade 8-2, I used the same learning media. They were worksheet and power-point. I guessed that those would make the learning easier for me, because I didn’t need to write the length of the word for my explanation. For a problem solving, I used a board and chalk. However, I found that students found it difficult to find a greatest common factor of a polynomial. Though, that was the basic thing that must be mastered in the topic. According to me, students will understand better and remember if they wrote the answers step by step. Just like in the previous class, I was only able to complete my learning until the team work stage. I couldn’t manage the time so I could provide the individual test, assignments, and generalization.

I tried to find the cause. My first guess was that my explanation was poorly understood. Maybe, I was wrong in my pronunciation. Hehehe…

         The second guess was that I wasn’t right in choosing learning media, because to prepare my presentation with a projector, it also spent the time. Another guess was that it might not be appropriate to allocate the time. The last guess, I thought some students still had difficulties in the past lesson or even basic knowledge. Finally, I gave them an assignment.

        “Don’t worry. I can do it”, I said like that. Ma’am Rose said that I had to manage the time properly. She also encouraged me. Hazel accompanied me for the next class. It was grade 9-2, I was still on my lesson plan. I learned from my shortcomings in the previous class. I felt that grade 9-3 students were more active than grade 9-2 students. But same with grade 8-2, they also had trouble to find a greatest common factor. Yes, that topic was almost same with the grade eight’s topic that was about factoring. The grade 9-2 students were more silent when I asked. But they had more time to discuss with their friends to solve quadratic equation until the class finished.

           Then, I had enough time to prepare the lesson for grade 8-1. Hazel suggested me for adding point for the volunteers. It would be motivation for students. I also corrected the deficiencies and problems that were in grade 8-2 for fluency in grade 8-1. I planed to add an activity on my lesson plan and decided to don’t use a projector. I would connect the finding greatest common factor topic on elementary school with the topic that I would teach. It was a solution if class 8-1 also has the same problem. I prepared it well, I had prepared some examples and the relationships with the material at that time. Finally, I entered in grade 8-1. I hoped more in that class, because based on my previous observations, they were more receptive to mathematics lesson. In the review section, it got that most of them didn’t have problems related to find greatest common factors. After I noticed them, most of them had read the module given by Ma’am Rose. They gave a light to important things in their modules. So excellent… I was quite successful in this class, even though I felt that I was not maximal. The lesson was completed. I was glad and happy (again) because that day was Indonesia’s Independence Day. After that, I discussed with Ma’am Rose to evaluate my practice teaching. There were some notes for me from Ma’am Rose. They were as follows:

     In grade 8-2, most of them had difficulties in learning mathematics. I had to review their basic knowledge of mathematics and had to learn to manage time.

         In grade 9-3, I accommodated a funny answer that only spent more my time. So, there were students who were late, but he raised his hand when I asked students to solve the problem. I allowed him to answer. Omg, even if we thought about it, how could he answer correctly when he didn’t know what we were talking about. But, at that time, I was positive thinking that he would answer correctly because there was a possibility that he was a smart student or he had studied the topic beforehand at home. Hehehehehe really i was so positive thinking. Hehehe as a result, he gave a funny answer that was clearly wrong. At that time, my question was “What are the roots of  ”. He answered my question firmly after I invited. Besides it, I am expected to always give feedback to students who have tried to answer. For example just say  “thank you for your trying”.

         In grade 9-2, it was necessary to give motivation to them for trying. In grade 8-1, it is necessary to repeat the previous topic. Next, I and Ma’am Rose discussed about lesson plan. In general, the lesson plan that I made was the same as the lesson plan in SLS. Only different placement of some of the contents. Ma’am Rose agreed with the scientific approach. He also used a similar approach. It was 2 E 2 A (Exploration, Explanation, Application, and Assessment). For parts that have not been showed because didn’t have enough time, it could be use as a review material in the next lesson. The important thing was how students would understand with the topic, but it would be better if the lesson could be in accordance with what was planned. We had to reschedule or plan for my next practice teaching session because of the class suspension that happened before.

          After all the classes were finished, I had a opportunity to take pictures with grade 8-1 because they stayed on the class. I told that the day was Indonesia’s Independence Day. I took a video of them for congratulating. I taught them to express it in Bahasa. I gave my number phone to the class representative for contacting me regarding the worksheet they had collected.

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia by Grade 8-1: Let’s click

       Yeay. That’s my story on my first day of practice teaching. I was relieved that everything had gone smoothly and just found it to be a teacher who had to teach four classes a day. Tiring but I was always happy. Hehehe I was more happy because we would walk to Baguio after our first plan was canceled. Yeay…

Lesson Plan for Grade 8

Factoring PPT

Lesson Plan for Grade 9

Solving Quadratic PPT

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