My Second Day for Practice Teaching

                Monday, August 20, 2018. We woke up earlier. At 03.30 a.m., we had ‘Sahur’. Sahur was the meal eaten before daybreak during the fasting. Ristya and Rina cooked sardine for us. Alhamdulillah…  We ate together in our room and prayed.

                After ceremony, I went to print my lesson plan and gave it to Ma’am Rose.

(My lesson plans. Fighting)

            The first class was grade 9-3. We discussed about the last assignment. After that I taught about solving quadratic equations by extracting square roots. I used the module given by Ma’am Rose for my learning media. I thought, it would be students habitual that they could learn the module by their own self at home. I gave my best for them related the grade nine’s lesson plan. This was my lesson plan for grade 9 on that day.

                Next, I continued in grade 8-2. We also discussed about the last assignment. After that I taught about the factor of trinomials. They were perfect square trinomial, simple trinomial, and general trinomial. For that day, i just taught simple and general triomial.

                After that, I taught in Grade 8-1. From VoAg building, we went to USAID building directly. Because we didn’t have a break time. I made difference lesson plan because i had to teach more topics for grade 8-1. It so as to compare with other class in that week. I would teach again in that week just on Wednesday, because there were classes on Thursday and Friday. The grade 8-1 just had a math lesson on Monday for that week, but grade 8-2 and 8-3 had it a twice. So, I taught more topics. They were the factor of simple trinomial, general trinomial, and the cube of binomial.

                From the grade 8-1, I went to grade 8-3 with Ma’am Rose. We came back to VoAg building. I taught the same topic with grade 8-2. After the class finished, I and M’am Rose had a evaluation for my practice teaching. Ma’am Rose gave some corrections for me. I enjoyed with my day. Thanks for all, Ma’am Rose and my students.

(Some notes from Ma’am Rose on my lesson plans)

                In the evening Ma’am Rose and Kuya brought me some foods. Alhamdulillah…


Thanks for reading my story. I already corrected my lesson plans. Let’s check it.

(A Detailed Lesson Plan Mathematics 9 on August 20,2018)

(A Detailed Lesson Plan Mathematics 8-2 and 8-3 on August 20,2018)

(A Detailed Lesson Plan Mathematics 8-1 on August 20,2018)

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