My Third Practice Teaching Day

             Wednesday, August 22, 2018. After ceremony, I went to print my lesson plan and gave it to Ma’am Rose. The first class was grade 9-3. We discussed our assignment. After that, I taught about solving quadratic equations by completing the square. I always gave point for the volunteers. They can collected it in the back of their module (Like Ma’am Rose’s method). I also gave feedback for students who had to try. I forced the module given by Ma’am Rose for my learning media. I gave them more assignments.

                Next, I continued in grade 9-2. For grade 9-2, I combined two lesson plans for grade 9-3 that I made. So, I taught about solving quadratic equations by extracting square roots and completing the square. I always gave my best for them. I also gave them more assignments.

                In the lunch break, I saw the interesting students activity. It was election for student government. It was like election in my country.

(The election atmosphere)

           At 13.15 p.m. , I taught in grade 8-2. The topic was the factor of cube of binomial. First, I recalled how to get the factor of some number. They had a problem with exponent and square or cube roots. Some student’s were playful and some didn’t want to analyze the given problem, but some student raised their hands and asked questions during the seat work.  Asked them to be volunteers and presented their solutions.

                After that, I taught in Grade 8-3 for the same topic. We discussed about our last assignment. The student more paid attention to me. I used the module to guide them solve the given problems. It was better than grade 8-2 for me. Over all, I already gave my best.

                I and Ma’am Rose evaluated all of my practice teaching. She wrote some good things from me and some suggestion. I needed to provide all the support for them to go deeper in math. Besides, It was okey that students learned the minimum concepts, however we needed to guide them, so they didn’t get lazy.


(My good points in grade 9-3)

(My good points in grade 9-2 and some suggestions)

(My good points in grade 8)

(A Detailed Lesson Plan Mathematics 9-3 on August 22,2018)

(A Detailed Lesson Plan Mathematics 9-2 on August 22, 2018)

(A Detailed Lesson Plan Mathematics 8-2 and 8-3 on August 22, 2018)

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