Sunny Day with Funny Students

              Wednesday, August 29, 2018. I was late to wake up from my bed. I took a bath and went to SLS alone because my other friends didn’t have activity in SLS on the day. I knew that Risal, Ristya, Ika would meet Ma’am Cuadra at the afternoon for giving the students scores list and Rina would meet Sir Martes at 16:30 PM. I went to SLS in the morning, because I had to collect student’s assignment that given by me in the last meeting. I joined on flag ceremony alone. I just enjoyed my last day in SLS. It looked quizzical because I was alone. Students collected their assignment in Room 11. I checked it in there also.

           At 8:45 AM, I and Ma’am Rose went to grade 9-3. We had a game with grade 9. Ma’am Rose explained the rules of the game and divided students into 12 groups. We played the game in the Basketball Field. I was monitoring their team work.

(Team Work of Grade 9-3)

          We continue with grade 9-2. They had a same game with grade 9-3 but we played in different place.

(Team Work of Grade 9-2)

                Then, I asked permission to Ma’am Rose that I couldn’t join on the grade 8 class because we would prepared our farewell party. She allowed for it.

Maraming salamat po… (Thank you very much, Ma’am)

           Actually Ma’am Jingle asked us to go to SLS in the afternoon because she would ask some students of English Education Major to check our blog.


        I thought that it was cancelled. I was alone in Room 11 because I had to check a lot of students assignment and wait some assignment from students.

        Suddenly, there was someone who knoked the door. I thought, that was my student.

Who is he/she? Lets continue with my next story.

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