The Final Demo Teaching

             Tuesday, August 28, 2018. The beautiful day of 08-28-2018. Yeay.. I felt that it was so fast. I had just enjoyed with my classes in SLS, but I would come back to Indonesia soon. I was so sad for leaving them but I was happy for meeting my family in Indonesia. It was like ‘Nano-Nano’ taste. Sweet, sour, salty, all kind of tastes. Huh.. However, I was so energetic on that day. Ma’am Jingle and Ma’am Rose would observe me and give a evaluation. It based on SEAMEO rules. I chose grade 8-1 for my final demo teaching with Ma’am Rose as the evaluator. Mostly of us had a final demo teaching on that day. Ma’am Jingle had time for my final demo teaching at 13.15 p.m. It was in Grade 8-2. Omooo… I was so worry in grade 8-2. I was afraid if I couldn’t handle the grade 8-2 students.

You know the reasons, right? Hehehe

         Eventough, I had to get it. Bismillah. I went to SLS at 7.15 a.m. We joined on flag ceremony. We thought that it was our last ceremony in SLS. We sang the Philippines National Anthem, ‘Lupang Hinirang’, together. Yeay.. We liked to sing the song.

(The SLS flag ceremony on August 28, 2018)

         I had two classes for my final demo teaching and two other classes. First schedule was in grade 9-2. We told about solving quadratic equations by quadratic formula. I used the module to guide them for solving the problems. I thought that the module was very useful and easy for the learning. First, I explained how to get the quadratic formula and students understood with it. I thought, the topic was so easy for the student because we just substituted the values of  and  of the given quadratic equation to the quadratic formulas. I gave some problems for individual activity and asked volunteers to present their solutions. I gave a assigment to them for more exercise.  I was in tears when say good bye and say thank you to them. It was a hurt farewell. Hiks… Hiks…

(Lesson Plan for 9-2)

         Next, I went to VoAg building earlier. I prepared my final demo teaching. The topic of grade 8-1 was factoring by more than one factoring techniques. So, I decided to use yellow papers for the learning media because students had to remember all of the factoring techniques that had been learnt. I hoped that it would help the students. When I prepared it, the students were very noisy. They didn’t care with my activity because the thought that the time was lunch break time. They got new id-card, so they were busy to struggle those id-cards. I wasn’t nervous again. I was easy going with it. My mind set was I had to play my role as a good teacher and positive thinking that I could handle them on my lesson. I prepared some rules for anticipating their behavior.

           Ma’am Jingle came earlier and entered the class with Ma’am Rose. At 13.15 p.m. I started the class confidently. I told my rules. Actually, I didn’t like my rules, it would make some students suppressed and didn’t enjoy with math lesson. However, I needed to apply those rules because they were so playful. More active, I meant. Yeay. The rules were as follows:

  1. Students have to pay attention to the lesson.
  2. Students don’t make any noise. Teacher have six leves. They are 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and level 0. Teacher starts in level 5. If students make a noise, teacher’s level will move in the lower level. If teacher is in level zero, she will go out of the class and the class is finished.
  3. Students must be active in the lesson. If students can present correct solutions completely, they will get a point and souvenir from Indonesia. (Yeay… I brought some souvenirs for them)

        During the lesson, I never changed my level even tough I saw that some students were busy on their own. Mostly students were very active to answer my question. They were very happy when got a point and a souvenir from me. We were enjoy on our lesson. I could finish my lesson plan. Alhamdulillah. I didn’t have enough time to say good bye with grade 8-2 because I had to teach in grade 8-1. I gave  a lot of my souvenirs for them. I hope that they could remember me.

(Final Demo Teaching in Grade 8-2)

         At 14.20 p.m I taught in Grade 8-1. I decide to have two final demo teaching. I asked Ma’am Rose to give assessment for me when I teach in Grade 8-1. I will compare my assessment between in Grade 8-2 and Grade 8-1 for my own evaluation. I also told my rules. They paid attention to me after that. So quiet but still on my attention. I was surprised of it. All of eyes directed on me. Hehehehe

        I didn’t use my yellow papers in the class but I made the contains to review the past lesson through a quiz. They wanted to  It was very fun activities. The students were very active and responsive. I was glad of it. I also didn’t have enough time to say good bay and just for taking a pictures because I had to teach on the next class. Some of them gave souvenirs for me. I got a cute bear doll and a cute pouch. Some of them gave a drawing art also. They liked drawing and me too. Ma’am Rose suggested us to take a picture after all of class finished.

        The last class was grade 8-3. I taught same topic with same method for them, except the rules. I just said that they had to pay attention and be active student.  Over all, yesterday, I was able to finish the classes well.

(Lesson Plan for All Grade 8)

       The long day finished. I and Ma’am rose planned to hold a evaluation on Thursday at 16.30 PM at her office. Ma’am Rose asked me to join on the next day classes for teaching assistant. So, I would go to SLS on Wednesday.

 After that, I back to Room 11, sea-teacher room in SLS. So surprised, all of people in Room 11 were waiting for me. Some of grade 9-2 students in there also.

What will happen?

Are you curious? Oh, same with me.

Let’s continue for reading on next story.

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