The National Heroes Day

          Monday, August 27, 2018. Happy holiday on the Philippines national heroes day. In Indonesia, we had a heroes day.

Do you know guys, what is the date of Indonesian heroes day?

Yeay.. The date of Indonesian heroes day is on November 10, but it isn’t national holiday.

           On that day, we spent the time to prepare our final demo teaching. In the afternoon, I ate Indonesian legend biscuit.

Do you know it?

              Yes, it was ‘Biskuit Roma Kelapa’. Mostly us very busy with our own lesson plan, so we just cook noodles. We added cornet and sardine because we just had it. We went to grocery to buy some foods. Stephanie and Jhau Fei helped us to check our lesson plan and daily report. We had memorable moment with them. They tried to use our veil. They looked so pretty, more pretty than me of course. Hehehehe

(Ladies SQUAD)

                We had dinner and washed plates  together. There were memorable and funny moment on our activity in dorm, especially with the buddies. We had a song of washing plates and some fun games.

Yeay.. It’s my story in holiday.

All about eat and make lesson plan. Hehehehe…

Sleeping, cooking, eating,  washing plates, making lesson plan, cooking, eating, and sharing a moment with the buddies. Like that. The rain keep us too much but we didn’t feel lonely because ten of us and the buddies spent the time with fun and useful activities.

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