The Power of ‘Pecel’

       Sunday, August 26, 2018. Magandang umaga… I felt so sad because it was my last Sunday on this year in Benguet. We planned to buy some souvenirs. Stephanie, Jhau Fei, and Frankie accompanied us. We went to Strawberry Farm and Baguio City. In Baguio, I went to money changer. So, I brought four types of money. They were Ringgit Malaysia, US Dollar, PHP, and Rupiah. My PHP money ran out, so I changed my USD to PHP. After that we bought some souvenirs and foods for Indonesian family.

(Money Changer in Center Mall, Baguio)

         We arrived in the dorm and cooked for our dinner. Mostly of us brought ‘Sambel Pecel’ from Indonesia. So, we cooked some vegetables for ‘Pecel’ and fried chicken. We invited Ma’am Jingle and Kuya William to have a dinner with us.

(Our Dinner Menus)

            We ate together with the buddies, Mama, and Papa. Frankie and Fiqih mixed all the vagetables with bean sauce. Kuya William added his foods. They loved Indonesian food. We were very happy. Then, they came back to their own house and I continued for making lesson plan.

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