Author: Wiworo

Mathematics Education
Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia

Body Left but Heart was Left

        Friday, August 31, 2018. I was like in natural dreams but suddently I had a bad dream. I woke up and I arrived at the airport.  We had early breakfast in Ninoy Aquino International Airport at 4.00 a.m. Fiqih and Risal left first because they had a fight schedule at 08.00 a.m. We were waiting for our flight. Ristya, Rista, and me left had to check in at 3.00 p.m. and our plane took off at 5.00 p.m.

          We arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 7.00 p.m. Actually, we would go to Petronas Tower, but it was already night and we had a information the day was Malaysia Independence Day. It would better if we stayed inside Airport for our safety. So we just walked around the airport. We tried to eat in KFC. Some friends suggested us for it. Yeah, the rice was different, it was seasoned rice. We also got it on our flight with Malaysia Airlines.


        We had a problem with our flight. Yah, like usually, our names weren’t on the passenger list. We could solve it, of course.

Welcome Indonesia!

           We arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 08.35 a.m. We met a lot of Vietnam supporter of Asian Games. The people thought that we were Asian Games athletes because we wore the same jacket with sport design.


           After that we continued our flight to Solo City. We arrived at Adi-Soemarmo safely.


Yeah… Those are a memorable experience in this year. Thanks to God who has written the beautiful way for me, parents who always pray for and support me, brothers sisters and friends who encourage me. Of course, thanks to SEAMEO, Mrs. Nurma (UNS Coordinator), FKIP UNS, Ma’am Imelda (the Dean of CTE, BSU), Ma’am Jingle (Supervisor and our Mama), Kuya Willam (Our Papa), Ma’am Rosemarie (My cooperating teacher) and all officer of SLS, CTE and BSU employed for all the attention, love, affection and facilities provided.

Thanks to friends for arms, Ristya, Rista, Andyta, Rina, Putri, Ika, Fiqih, Risal, and Herman. Continue your dream. Let’s go to bed. Hehehehe

Closing Program but Didn’t Close The Stories

              Thursday, August 30, 2018. Hello my world. I was so busy in the morning. I finished to check assignment and made some list scores. I would give it to Ma’am Rose. I also finised my drawing for Ma’am Rose. After that, we prepared for our performance. Yeah, we had a farewell party on Strawberry Farm at 10:00 AM. I didn’t use my ‘Kebaya’ because I would dance ‘Yamko Rambe Yamko’ with Andyta, Fiqih, and Risal. Actually, we would make costum from ropes, but we didn’t get it. So we decided t us our new jacket. We looked like Asian Games Athletes. Hehehe we drew Indonesian flag on our cheeks by lipstick and tooth paste. So creative!

              We saw some performances, First, the BSU choir group sang Indonesian Song. It was ‘Sik Sik Sibatumanikam’ from North Sumatra.

(Sik Sik Sibatumanikam)

After that, Herman and Ika danced Banjarmasin dance. The next was ‘Soyong’ dance by Putri, Ristya, Rina, and Rista.

“Wiworo, why didn’t you join with them to dance”, said Ma’am Jingle.

“We had another dance, Ma’am. Hehehe..”, I answered.

Finally, it was my time. Andyta, Risal, Fiqih, and me showed ‘Yamko Rambe Yamko’ creation dance.

               After that we sang Indonesia Raya (Indonesian National Anthem), Indonesia Pusaka, dan Lupang Hirang (Philippines National Anthem). We and the buddies also danced ‘Tiklos’ together. The teacher of CTE also sang Indonesian song. It was ‘Si Patokaan’ song from North Sulawesi and one song about say good bye.

(Si Patokaan)

            We cried when Ma’am Jingle told about us, gave some impressions, and said good bye to us. We got some souvenirs and certificate from BSU.


                After that we had lunch together. I told Ma’am Rose that I would meet her again in SLS at 4.15 p.m.  Next, we went to Ma’am Imelda’s office for taking our university documents. Then we came back to dorm for packing our things in baggage.

         I met with Ma’am Rose in her office. I gave all the assignment and a souvenir. Hazel came and met us. Then, I took some pictures with Ma’am Rose for the first time. Hehehe.. I was so lucky for getting M’am Rose as my mentor. She learnt me more things about teaching in math. She was kind, humble, and beautiful teacher.

(Ma’am Rose and Me)

               Then, I met with grade 8-1 students in their class. We took some pictures. I said god bye and thanks for them. Some of them hugged me and I knew that we were on same sense. So sad. I didn’t know why I felt so hurt to leave them. They felt that it was so fast for us.

                Actually, I didn’t finish my pack, but I wanted to spend my short time with Hazel. I asked permisson with Ma’am Jingle by SMS. I dediced to join with my students. So, I, Hazel, and some students of grade 8-1. (Actually I want to have quality time with all of students, maybe hiking or camping. Hiks..Hiks…)

                Zooey, Lorelei, Bless, Karyl, and Honey were the grade 8-1 students that went to Tiong San with us. We just had a very short time until 6.00 p.m. They suggest us to taste ‘Infinity Tea’. So we drunk it. We were drawing together in there. We also met another students of grade 8-1. They were Lamuel, Enrico, and John.


                We used a jeepney and one by one of us got off the jeepney. I and Hazel came back to the dorm. I continued for packing. Some buddies helped us for it and some others cooked for our dinner. We had a sweet farewell party in the Boy’s Room with the buddies, but not all buddies were there. We talked about our impression, gratitude, and apology. We were so thank you to the buddies for all of things that the given. We were a family. We loved each other. In the last moment, they sang a song. It was ‘Thank You Once Again’ song.

(‘Thank You Once Again’)

                We had a last dinner with ‘Tinola’ and fried chicken.Then Ma’am Imelda and Ma’am Janet came to say good bye. Then, two vans came and the moment came. We really left Benguet with the kindly people. I really really speechless. I was not ready to leave. I decided to sleep during the Benguet-Manila trip while hugging a teddy bear from my student.

Mang Inasal, Straberry Farm, Jolibee

Wednesday, August 29, 2018.

Knock Knock Knock Knock

        Omoo… Jhau Fei came with her friends. Jhau Fei shocked because there was nobody in Room 11, except me.


           I acquainted with students of English Education Major and let them to enter the room. I told that I didn’t finish my blog and leave my laptop in our dorm.

“How about the other? Where are they?”, said Jhau Fei. The other friends stayed in the dorm. After that, they helped me to check the assignment.

           Rina, Jessy, and, Marialyn came and asked me to join with them. They wanted to eat. They knew that I haven’t eaten since the morning. I didn’t want to leave my assignment and the students of English Education Major but they suggested me to eat first.

               Then, we went to Tiong San. We ate ‘Mang Inasal’. I really loved it. I had unlimited rises. Uhhhh… so happy.

         My friend who once went to Philippines gave me a suggestion to taste ‘Mang Inasal’ and I tried it in the last two days in Philippines. I liked the tea iced with gulaman (jelly). I was so full after that. I bought some cake for the English students and back to SLS.

              I met they stayed in Room 11, but I left them again to meet with Ma’am Rose. Then, I had a evaluation with Ma’am Rose.  She asked some questions based on the SEAMEO evaluation form. We told about some problems in math and education. We had some problems in math, that some students didn’t remember the basic on math. So, we need to provide individual assistance for them but sometimes we would support and press them. About the motivation part in our lesson plan, it was better that we could connect the topic with student’s real life. We discussed it, because I had difficulty to connect some topic on math with the real life. Some students needed it, because some students would think ‘I don’t need to learn (for example) factoring of polynomials. I didn’t use it in my life” like that. But some students didin’t need the explanation about it. Ma’am Rose hoped that I would continue on teaching. I was surprised, because I didn’t have more plan after my graduation. Actually, I wanted to learn in art major. Hehehehe…

             After that, I met Kilayon in Room 11 but the English Major students had left the room. I was sad because I haven’t say thank you for them.

Thank you very much my friends. (Special for Jhau Fei, Jake, Noel, Arlene, Eulibeth)

       We came back to the dorm and mostly of us went to Strawberry Farm.

(Strawberry Farm)

           At 6:30 PM we came back to the dorm because we had a dicussion with Ma’am Jingle. We discussion about Sea-Teacher Project and some things about the project in Bsu because we were the first sea-teacher batch for BSU. Yeayy…. Over all, we had good impressions to BSU. Then, We went to Jollibee for our dinner because we think that THE TIME WAS VERY FAST  for us to stay in Benguet.


                We practiced dance before we slept, because our farewell party day so closer.

Sunny Day with Funny Students

              Wednesday, August 29, 2018. I was late to wake up from my bed. I took a bath and went to SLS alone because my other friends didn’t have activity in SLS on the day. I knew that Risal, Ristya, Ika would meet Ma’am Cuadra at the afternoon for giving the students scores list and Rina would meet Sir Martes at 16:30 PM. I went to SLS in the morning, because I had to collect student’s assignment that given by me in the last meeting. I joined on flag ceremony alone. I just enjoyed my last day in SLS. It looked quizzical because I was alone. Students collected their assignment in Room 11. I checked it in there also.

           At 8:45 AM, I and Ma’am Rose went to grade 9-3. We had a game with grade 9. Ma’am Rose explained the rules of the game and divided students into 12 groups. We played the game in the Basketball Field. I was monitoring their team work.

(Team Work of Grade 9-3)

          We continue with grade 9-2. They had a same game with grade 9-3 but we played in different place.

(Team Work of Grade 9-2)

                Then, I asked permission to Ma’am Rose that I couldn’t join on the grade 8 class because we would prepared our farewell party. She allowed for it.

Maraming salamat po… (Thank you very much, Ma’am)

           Actually Ma’am Jingle asked us to go to SLS in the afternoon because she would ask some students of English Education Major to check our blog.


        I thought that it was cancelled. I was alone in Room 11 because I had to check a lot of students assignment and wait some assignment from students.

        Suddenly, there was someone who knoked the door. I thought, that was my student.

Who is he/she? Lets continue with my next story.

Beautiful Moment with Grade 9-2

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 04:30 PM.

Let’s continue with my story.

I was curious because I didn’t know anything and I was the last teacher who was waited by them in Room 11.

“Hurry up Wiworo, we waited you for a long time.”, my friends said.

“Let’s go ma’am!”, a student said.

“What’s happen? Why? Why?”, I was confused.


        So… I, Risal, Ristya, Ika, and Andyta were the student teachers who practiced in grade 9-2. Tito (student of grade 9-2) and his friend guided us to enter the class. We were so curious because they closed the door with large fabric. I felt something because of it. I thought that I would cry.

“Astagfirullah… be strong. Don’t cry”, said me on my heart.

Jrenggggg…. Jrengggggg.

So supriceeeeed.

         They sang together with flashlight in their phone, because they turned off the lamp. One of them played guitar. We were speechless and started to cry.

“Argghhhhhhhmnhhsvebefsdsuefewbsghhsdhjbdewwdkjiekmfri…………….. Hiks.. Hiks…”

“Hiks… Hiks…”

(They sang a song for us)

           After that,the representative of them told some impressions for us. They gave a board with some notes for everyone of us. They also gave a special gift for us. It was pop-up box. We told some impressions for them. Then, they sang a song with ‘One Day’ tittle. We sang a song with ‘Sampai Jumpa’ tille. Ika and Risal sang a Philippines song. The last, we took a lot of pictures.





            Some students from other class also wanted to take a picture with us.  The president of grade 9-3 asked to take a picture with me also. I remember that I haven’t said good bay with grade 9-3.

            We come back to our dorm. Ma’am Jingle and Kuya William already came in the dorm. We had a personal evaluation with Ma’am Jingle about our final demo teaching.

The Final Demo Teaching

             Tuesday, August 28, 2018. The beautiful day of 08-28-2018. Yeay.. I felt that it was so fast. I had just enjoyed with my classes in SLS, but I would come back to Indonesia soon. I was so sad for leaving them but I was happy for meeting my family in Indonesia. It was like ‘Nano-Nano’ taste. Sweet, sour, salty, all kind of tastes. Huh.. However, I was so energetic on that day. Ma’am Jingle and Ma’am Rose would observe me and give a evaluation. It based on SEAMEO rules. I chose grade 8-1 for my final demo teaching with Ma’am Rose as the evaluator. Mostly of us had a final demo teaching on that day. Ma’am Jingle had time for my final demo teaching at 13.15 p.m. It was in Grade 8-2. Omooo… I was so worry in grade 8-2. I was afraid if I couldn’t handle the grade 8-2 students.

You know the reasons, right? Hehehe

         Eventough, I had to get it. Bismillah. I went to SLS at 7.15 a.m. We joined on flag ceremony. We thought that it was our last ceremony in SLS. We sang the Philippines National Anthem, ‘Lupang Hinirang’, together. Yeay.. We liked to sing the song.

(The SLS flag ceremony on August 28, 2018)

         I had two classes for my final demo teaching and two other classes. First schedule was in grade 9-2. We told about solving quadratic equations by quadratic formula. I used the module to guide them for solving the problems. I thought that the module was very useful and easy for the learning. First, I explained how to get the quadratic formula and students understood with it. I thought, the topic was so easy for the student because we just substituted the values of  and  of the given quadratic equation to the quadratic formulas. I gave some problems for individual activity and asked volunteers to present their solutions. I gave a assigment to them for more exercise.  I was in tears when say good bye and say thank you to them. It was a hurt farewell. Hiks… Hiks…

(Lesson Plan for 9-2)

         Next, I went to VoAg building earlier. I prepared my final demo teaching. The topic of grade 8-1 was factoring by more than one factoring techniques. So, I decided to use yellow papers for the learning media because students had to remember all of the factoring techniques that had been learnt. I hoped that it would help the students. When I prepared it, the students were very noisy. They didn’t care with my activity because the thought that the time was lunch break time. They got new id-card, so they were busy to struggle those id-cards. I wasn’t nervous again. I was easy going with it. My mind set was I had to play my role as a good teacher and positive thinking that I could handle them on my lesson. I prepared some rules for anticipating their behavior.

           Ma’am Jingle came earlier and entered the class with Ma’am Rose. At 13.15 p.m. I started the class confidently. I told my rules. Actually, I didn’t like my rules, it would make some students suppressed and didn’t enjoy with math lesson. However, I needed to apply those rules because they were so playful. More active, I meant. Yeay. The rules were as follows:

  1. Students have to pay attention to the lesson.
  2. Students don’t make any noise. Teacher have six leves. They are 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and level 0. Teacher starts in level 5. If students make a noise, teacher’s level will move in the lower level. If teacher is in level zero, she will go out of the class and the class is finished.
  3. Students must be active in the lesson. If students can present correct solutions completely, they will get a point and souvenir from Indonesia. (Yeay… I brought some souvenirs for them)

        During the lesson, I never changed my level even tough I saw that some students were busy on their own. Mostly students were very active to answer my question. They were very happy when got a point and a souvenir from me. We were enjoy on our lesson. I could finish my lesson plan. Alhamdulillah. I didn’t have enough time to say good bye with grade 8-2 because I had to teach in grade 8-1. I gave  a lot of my souvenirs for them. I hope that they could remember me.

(Final Demo Teaching in Grade 8-2)

         At 14.20 p.m I taught in Grade 8-1. I decide to have two final demo teaching. I asked Ma’am Rose to give assessment for me when I teach in Grade 8-1. I will compare my assessment between in Grade 8-2 and Grade 8-1 for my own evaluation. I also told my rules. They paid attention to me after that. So quiet but still on my attention. I was surprised of it. All of eyes directed on me. Hehehehe

        I didn’t use my yellow papers in the class but I made the contains to review the past lesson through a quiz. They wanted to  It was very fun activities. The students were very active and responsive. I was glad of it. I also didn’t have enough time to say good bay and just for taking a pictures because I had to teach on the next class. Some of them gave souvenirs for me. I got a cute bear doll and a cute pouch. Some of them gave a drawing art also. They liked drawing and me too. Ma’am Rose suggested us to take a picture after all of class finished.

        The last class was grade 8-3. I taught same topic with same method for them, except the rules. I just said that they had to pay attention and be active student.  Over all, yesterday, I was able to finish the classes well.

(Lesson Plan for All Grade 8)

       The long day finished. I and Ma’am rose planned to hold a evaluation on Thursday at 16.30 PM at her office. Ma’am Rose asked me to join on the next day classes for teaching assistant. So, I would go to SLS on Wednesday.

 After that, I back to Room 11, sea-teacher room in SLS. So surprised, all of people in Room 11 were waiting for me. Some of grade 9-2 students in there also.

What will happen?

Are you curious? Oh, same with me.

Let’s continue for reading on next story.

The National Heroes Day

          Monday, August 27, 2018. Happy holiday on the Philippines national heroes day. In Indonesia, we had a heroes day.

Do you know guys, what is the date of Indonesian heroes day?

Yeay.. The date of Indonesian heroes day is on November 10, but it isn’t national holiday.

           On that day, we spent the time to prepare our final demo teaching. In the afternoon, I ate Indonesian legend biscuit.

Do you know it?

              Yes, it was ‘Biskuit Roma Kelapa’. Mostly us very busy with our own lesson plan, so we just cook noodles. We added cornet and sardine because we just had it. We went to grocery to buy some foods. Stephanie and Jhau Fei helped us to check our lesson plan and daily report. We had memorable moment with them. They tried to use our veil. They looked so pretty, more pretty than me of course. Hehehehe

(Ladies SQUAD)

                We had dinner and washed plates  together. There were memorable and funny moment on our activity in dorm, especially with the buddies. We had a song of washing plates and some fun games.

Yeay.. It’s my story in holiday.

All about eat and make lesson plan. Hehehehe…

Sleeping, cooking, eating,  washing plates, making lesson plan, cooking, eating, and sharing a moment with the buddies. Like that. The rain keep us too much but we didn’t feel lonely because ten of us and the buddies spent the time with fun and useful activities.

The Power of ‘Pecel’

       Sunday, August 26, 2018. Magandang umaga… I felt so sad because it was my last Sunday on this year in Benguet. We planned to buy some souvenirs. Stephanie, Jhau Fei, and Frankie accompanied us. We went to Strawberry Farm and Baguio City. In Baguio, I went to money changer. So, I brought four types of money. They were Ringgit Malaysia, US Dollar, PHP, and Rupiah. My PHP money ran out, so I changed my USD to PHP. After that we bought some souvenirs and foods for Indonesian family.

(Money Changer in Center Mall, Baguio)

         We arrived in the dorm and cooked for our dinner. Mostly of us brought ‘Sambel Pecel’ from Indonesia. So, we cooked some vegetables for ‘Pecel’ and fried chicken. We invited Ma’am Jingle and Kuya William to have a dinner with us.

(Our Dinner Menus)

            We ate together with the buddies, Mama, and Papa. Frankie and Fiqih mixed all the vagetables with bean sauce. Kuya William added his foods. They loved Indonesian food. We were very happy. Then, they came back to their own house and I continued for making lesson plan.

Let’s Dance Together

            Saturday, August 25, 2018. In the morning, I made a lesson plan for my last day practice teaching and for my final demo teaching of course. In the afternoon, we had to practice dance with teacher of Elementary Laboratory School (ELS). She was Ma’am Rowena Mamangon. We practiced in room 115 of CTE. Frankie also accompanied us. Ma’am Rowena taught folk dance. There were ten basic steps of folk dance. They were walty, lateral-hand, forearm, kumintan, hop, point or touch, hayon-hayon, brush, fundamental-hand, and saludo.

(We practiced dance)

 (Video yo rapopoooo)

             Then we learnt ‘Tiklos’ dance. Actually, we already learnt it with our buddies, so we had a fast learn with Ma’am Rowena. Hehehehe

(After practiced dance)

           We came back to dorm at 5.00 p.m. Ma’am Jingle and Kuya William brought some foods for us. It was macaroni soup. So delicious. I ate it and combined with valley bread. Thank you so much mama and papa.

After that, we took some pictures on our dining room because we knew that we would come back to Indonesia soon.

(Quality time)

(Funny pose)

(Cute pose)

Yeay.. Stay on my story guys!




Bencab Museum | Fun Day Friday with Pinoy Fam

          Friday, August 24, 2018. I felt not good on that day. The rain stayed with us. We would go to Bencab Museum, not Tam Awan. Tam awan was outdoor place, so if would better if we went to indoor place because of the rain. At 8.00 a.m., we went to Bencab Museum with Frankie, Stephanie, Jhau Fei, Jullian, Ma’am Jingle, Ma’am Dona, and Kuya William. We used jeepney. I drunk my medicine before, so I was sleepy on the jeepney.

          We arrived at 09.30 a.m. and I was glad because I loved the place. There were so many painting arts and other arts in there. The Bencab tour guide accompanied us to around the museum and gave us the information of the arts. Bencab is the name of the artist….. I took some pictures of course.

 (Funny idea)

(Happy Family)

            After that, we had lunch in Healthy 101 Restaurant, except Fiqih, Herman, and Risal. They had to pray in the mosque. I ordered a menu, but I forgot the name. Hehehe. I just remembered the taste. It was very very very delicious. It was most delicious food that I had eaten in Philippines.


            In the evening, I, Stephanie, and Jhau Fei made some brecelets. I brought a lot of strings for it. Meanwhile, Frankie and my friend cooked for our dinner. Unfortunately, they needed ‘sinigang’ for the food. Then, I and Jordan were looking for it in Talipapa. I saw a beautiful view.

(The beautiful view in the quiet night)

          We had a dinner together and then, the buddies came back to their own house. We were so thankful that we had them. Our sister and our brother. They always helped us and gave us information about BSU, and about Philippines of course. They taught us for cooking, singing, dancing, etc. I was thankful to Allah who gave me that opportunity.